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When your backend breaks, you know it. You can feel it every day, dragging you down, driving customers away… in general getting in your way. We can make this stop.

Dotlogics' experts have decades of experience creating strong, smart back office processes for businesses worldwide. No matter what kind of issues you're having, we will solve them.

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Benefits of working with Dotlogics

We've got experience with hundreds of companies suffering from just the same problems you're having. No matter how tough the issue, we've got it handled.

Need a custom solution? Sure. Our engineers can integrate any system you can think of (and some that you don't know about -- yet).

We're not going to recommend something that's overkill just because it's new (or pricey). Dotlogics takes your needs into account; if we make a recommendation, there is always a strong rationale.

Dotlogics services include:

  • Application Development Services
  • API Integration Services
  • Custom Software Development Services
  • User Support
  • Ecommerce Development Services
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Managed IT Services

My Top Priority right now is...

Making financial operations more efficient

Making financial operations more efficient.

Getting better control of inventory and fulfillment

Getting better control of inventory and fulfillment.

Replacing accounting software we've outgrown

Replacing accounting software we’ve outgrown.

Understanding all my options

Understanding all my options.

traditional IT

What happens when you outgrow your back office processes?

With traditional IT, you'll get traditional results:

  • You'll notice everything feels slower (because it is).
  • You'll have to handle more things manually, when there could be a smart automation in place to save you that time.
  • You'll find you have less, overall: Less patience, less resources, less free time… Start giving yourself more.

While your competitors move forward, you'll stay where you are. Your company deserves better.

If your back office processes aren't streamlined and under control, you're wasting time and losing business. Join these smart folks who let us smooth things out.

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