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Clear is a well-known brand of anti-dandruff products. Because they’re a household name in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, and in many other countries, they face the problem of needing to continually innovate their marketing.


Clear reaches out to Dotlogics for expert assistance in launching a new campaign for a product launch or other initiative. We design a strategy to meet their campaign goals, then monitor results for each and every landing page and sales funnel.


Dotlogics provides an effective marketing strategy for each new campaign that draws upon previous results. By fully optimizing and managing these campaigns across channels, we enable Clear to keep its brand fresh and relevant.


Dotlogics prides itself on developing marketing strategies that take both past results and future goals into account. In Clear’s case, their popularity meant that they faced challenges in how to continually set themselves apart from their competitors. By developing each campaign with feedback from previous ones, we implement an agile, flexible approach that helps keep Clear relevant to their target audience.

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Before Dotlogics began partnering with them, Clear was well-known, yet struggled to see results in its individual marketing campaigns. We provided results-driven strategy and relentless campaign monitoring to help Clear know what was most effective for them. Clear was better able to segment its audience and maximize its marketing impact.

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A Classic Palette

We use a combination of classic black with deep purple and blue to express the brand’s sophistication. This minimalistic palette allows website visitors to keep their focus on the strong visuals and overall clean feeling of the site.




Roboto UI Elements


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Inviting Typography

We used a fresh-looking sans-serif typeface to symbolize the clean feeling that Clear shampoo provides. Roboto includes a range of web-friendly fonts that provide a consistent look and feel throughout the site while being easy to read.

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Clear Responsive View
Clear Responsive View
Immersive Marketing

To promote Clear during football (soccer) season, Dotlogics created a high-def, interactive fantasy football game. Clear then released the game as part of its promotional strategy during football season. This marketing technique effectively drew in customers and elevated Clear’s brand reputation.

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