new york website company

Grow Your Ecommerce Business
With Solutions Tailored to Your Customers

Turn Your Visitors
Into Your Customers

You can’t just throw your product line up onto a website haphazardly. You need to attract visitors and delight users to convert them into buyers.

  • Our award-winning web design encourages users to stay on your site and make purchases.
  • We provide user experiences tailor made to drive sales and grow business.
new york website company
new york website company

Mobile. Responsive.

Just like ecommerce has disrupted the retail space, mobile devices are transforming ecommerce. Our mobile-friendly designs encourage users to make purchases, no matter what device they use.

new york website company

Fast. Secure.

Users don’t want to wait for pages to load, and they won’t buy from untrustworthy sources. That’s why we build fast websites that help customers make quick purchases, and protect them from malicious threats like hackers.

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Our Expertise

As veterans in the ecommerce space, we understand that a whole lot goes into running your business, and you don’t have time to deal with a frustrating app or website that’s only half-functional. That’s why we build sites designed to work for today’s web surfers on the browsers and devices they’re actually using. Our sites function across platforms, from Apple to Windows, across browsers, from Chrome to Safari, and you can count on them to work just as well on your smartphone as on your desktop computer.

We won’t just give you a templated website and upload a few of your products to it, either. Instead, we perform a thorough analysis of your specific industry, your real competitors, and your customers, and use what we learn to create a user experience and interface perfectly designed to promote your products and services in a way that truly encourages your visitors to convert into patrons, and your patrons to become repeat customers.

With additional services ranging from search engine optimization to targeted email marketing, we can further drive qualified traffic–the sort that’s really interested in your business and products–to your site and guide them through the buying process.

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new york website company
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Ecommerce Website Development Company

Dotlogics is a full-service ecommerce agency that treats each and every website as the unique project it is. We craft sites that look fantastic and will promote the growth of your business and brand online. We believe a successful online presence is essential for branding and should capture the attention of your potential customers. If you are looking for an ecommerce website development company then you’re at the right place. We deliver uniquely crafted solutions to businesses who want to push their brands forward.

As a leading ecommerce web design and development company, our aim is to provide you with an excellent solution while considering all the needs a business in your industry may have. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in ecommerce website development, so if you need a full-featured website that will engage your audience, then contact us today.

Here at Dotlogics, you will find highly professional ecommerce web development services which will definitely help you to achieve your goals and objectives. We provide everything that is crucial for building quality user experiences and getting attention from potential customers. A properly designed ecommerce storefront enables visitors to easily purchase the products they want from you using the secure payment methods they trust. Custom functionality, secure and efficient payment and easy accessibility are the fundamentals of an ecommerce store, and Dotlogics works hard to bring you the best ecommerce website solutions.

For any type and size of businesses, we craft unique ecommerce websites which will surely meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We will be glad to show you examples of successful website design we’ve provided prior clients, and will also advise you in selecting the right features for your own website’s design and interface. We will not start a project until we understand your business and industry in great detail, and use that knowledge to craft the design that’s right for you. Our team will always stay in contact with you while working on your project to make sure you stay in the loop and your ecommerce website meets all your requirements.

Contact us today to develop a powerful ecommerce website with rich functionality and usability for your customers.