Web design mistakes

No matter what type of business you’re in, you have a website for a reason. Whether you’re a news organization looking for subscribers, an e-commerce hub searching for sales, a charity in need of donations, a specialty store trying to increase readership for its newsletter, or just about anyone else with a website, chances are you want visitors to do something when they visit you.

What that something is may be unique, but at the end of the day there are certain designs and strategies everyone should keep in mind when trying to get visitors to take the leap and turn into a sale.

  1. Speed Kills

    It’s well known that speed can be a real killer, but we’re not talking about a runaway freight train or a driver who’s too fast for his own good here. What kills web traffic isn’t high speed, it’s a lack of speed.

    Visitors of all strides are used to fast, responsive, easily navigable websites. The days of dial-up modems and images that take minutes to load are long, long gone. If your site takes more than an instant to get to the point, your visitors may go looking elsewhere.

    Make your site fast, navigable, and responsive.

  1. First Thing’s First

    The most important info on your site should be easy to find. Your contact information shouldn’t be a hassle for people with inquiries to locate, and your most relevant pages should never be more than a click or two away. Keep your most vital links in a clean header above the fold.

  1. Make It Mobile

    We can say it again, and again, until we’re blue in the face, but it cannot be over-emphasized–your site needs to be mobile friendly. As smartphones continuously grow in both power and popularity, their piece of the web traffic pie is only going to increase. Your site needs to work, and it needs to work in a way that makes sense on the devices people are actually using to view it.

  1. Make It Obvious

    There’s a time to be clever or coy, but that time isn’t when implementing your CTA (Call To Action). If your charity needs donations, make a CTA that compels visitors to donate and shows them exactly where they need to click to do so. If you’re offering a free trial to entice new subscribers, make that trial apparent. Visitors need to see your CTA, and it needs to do its job by literally calling them to perform
    an action.

  1. Shhhhhhhh

    A noisy website can feel cluttered and confusing for visitors. Don’t distract your potential patrons with unnecessary info and excessive, intrusive ads. A simple, clean design makes it easier for your site to get to the point and your visitors to get to the point of conversion.

    The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and with businesses. Don’t let a failure to communicate stop your site from converting your visitors, ensure it’s well designed and ready to seal the deal.

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