Redesigning Your Mobile Ecommerce Site

With more and more users ditching their laptops and desktops to peruse the internet on their mobile devices, ecommerce sites must be designed to look good on smartphone and tablet screens. Mobile optimization for an ecommerce website is an art that requires an eye for aesthetics as well as a mind for function. Not all responsive website design layouts are created equal. There are some dos and don’t when designing the mobile view of your ecommerce site, and you definitely want to avoid all the don’ts. Here is a list of of some of the carnal sins of mobile ecommerce website design.

  1. Don’t Crowd The Page

    When you’re working with a display screen that’s a fraction of the size of screens on laptops and desktops, you have to get creative as to how to use that space most effectively. Mobile design does not mean recreating the same display you see on desktop or laptop and resizing it so that it fits. Instead, mobile design relies on conveying the same amount of information with less. This means that excessive text, images, or other assets that might crowd the view need to be limited, selecting only the absolute essentials for users to find what they need on the page and navigate to the conversion point.

  1. Don’t Require Too Much Information

    Are you using forms on your site for registration? How many pages is the user required to go through upon checkout? Mobile users expect a streamlined experience when browsing on their smartphones and tablets; requiring an excessive amount of information from the user can deter them from completing checkout forms and converting. Keep all forms and browsing concise so that the user can quickly get to where they want on their site.

  1. Go Big Or Go Home

    While you don’t want to crowd the mobile device’s screen with your design, there’s a fine line between overwhelming them with too much and frustrating them with text and images that are too small to see clearly. Make sure that your product images and descriptions are big enough to see, and give users the options to zoom in where necessary.

  1. Don’t Forget About Search

    A lot of mobile sites don’t allow for searching, or if they do, the search is limited and useless. This limits your users navigation options and can make it more difficult to find a product or service. Make sure that the mobile version of your site allows for quick, easy and intuitive searching to help the user find exactly what they’re looking for.

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