Ecommerce Salesegy for Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. It’s a time of family gatherings, feasts, good tidings, cheer… and a mad rush to find the perfect presents for the right people. This time of year is vitally important for most businesses in the commerce sector, and ecommerce is no exception to that. 

Standing out in the crowd of ecommerce sites can be tough, however, so how does one capitalize on the shopping frenzy amidst all the other holiday promos? Well, here are a few tips to help your ecommerce business have a happy holiday.

  1. Create a Marketing Budget and Use It

    There’s a reason you might feel bombarded by Christmas-themed commercials and holiday sales pitches around this time of year, and that’s because they work. Advertising puts your brand directly in front of anyone who sees it, and at a time when people are looking to spend money but may also be a little scatterbrained from all the shopping, being right in front of your potential customers could make all the difference. Plan out how much you can afford to spend on advertising, and use that budget wisely. Holiday-themed PPC ads, boosted social media posts, or other advertisements can all help
    your campaign. 

  1. Make Sure You’re Optimized for Mobile Shoppers

    People shop on the go throughout the year, but you can bet there’s an uptick in shoppers who want to avoid long lines and make quick purchases during peak shopping season. By optimizing your site for mobile shoppers you make it easier for people to purchase from you no matter where they are. You might even lure customers away from brick and mortar competitors as shoppers compare prices using their smartphones before making a final purchasing decision.

  1. Write a Shopping Guide

    Do you have a series of products you’d like to push during the holidays, or items that could make good stocking stuffers? Create a guide that highlights the products you think have the biggest potential to sell during the holidays and use it to highlight them. By showing off what you have to offer and explaining the benefits of your products you can give browsers a compelling reason to become buyers.

  1. Use an Email Marketing Campaign

    Do you have a list leads or the email addresses of past clients? Market to them directly by sending them email reminders about the great products you offer. You could even send them a copy of your shopping guide, or use it as an opportunity to show off your holiday sales. Speaking of which…

  1. Run a Holiday Sale!

    It’s true, people are definitely looking to spend money on presents this time of year, but that doesn’t mean everyone can afford to spend as much as they’d like. Like you, they probably have a budget for the season, so give them a reason to buy from you instead of a competitor. Sales, no matter how big or small, give the impression that buyers are getting a deal on what they’re purchasing, so putting a few items on sale can attract all the deal-seekers and bargain hunters out there.

    The holidays offer a lot of opportunity for anyone in the ecommerce space, but that opportunity comes with a side of increased competition. Think about which of your products would make great gifts and make the extra effort to promote them; you might just make it through the holiday blitz better off than the way you entered. 

  1. Dotlogics can help you build a winning ecommerce strategy for the holidays and beyond!

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