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Building a navigable site for highly specialized equipment sold worldwide.


A complete overhaul of the site’s design and backend capabilities.


The new, responsive site makes it easy for users to find what or who they need.

DDC produces highly reliable products and solutions for some of the world’s most sensitive vehicles and equipment, but their website simply did not reflect their award-winning quality. We completely overhauled the front end to be as impressive visually as their products are technically, and rolled out a massive interactive database to help their representatives sell their products and help customers around the globe.

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Areas of Expertise

B2B International Business Multi-Lingual eCommerce Content Strategy Customer Management
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Content & Marketing

With a primary focus on business-to-business relationships as well as custom orders, we helped Data Device Corporation develop a winning strategy across their website, email campaigns, and social media platforms in order to stay connected with their audience.

Branding & Identity

A Graphic Vision

Like many businesses, DDC was working with an old, dated website that simply wasn’t up to modern standards. We took their key branding elements and built a responsive, engaging. visually compelling website around them.

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Storytelling Through Pictures

DDC’s product line includes some very small, intricate pieces of technology, but no matter the size of each individual component, they power some of the world’s biggest and most complex machines. Our designers struck the perfect balance between the small products and the massive vehicles they help run.

company website
company website
Customer Management

A Robust CMS

With a large product line and a diverse customer base spanning the entire globe, DDC needs to be able to keep track of every order and custom request no matter where the customer and sales rep are. To make this happen, we developed a flexible CMS and product management system so they could accurately track and nurture each and every lead and sale.

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From compelling visuals and responsive design to intriciate CMS and product management, DDC is ready to thrive on the modern web and help customers in every part of the globe.

Areas of Expertise

Content Strategy Lead Capture Lead Nurturing Custom Order Requests

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