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As consumers increasingly demand a convenient shopping experience and the pandemic continues to affect store operations, even small businesses are turning to eCommerce solutions. These days, it’s more affordable than ever to have a robust online store.  But if you’ve refined your approach for a brick-and-mortar experience, it can take some adjustment to hit your eCommerce stride. Here are some ways to effectively market a local business-turned-
eCommerce site.

  1. Use Social Media to Promote Locally

    Your target audience is likely on social media — and they’re increasingly using it to find products and services. With all major platforms offering geotagging and location check-ins, you’d be foolish to pass up on local advertising opportunities. Tag your social posts with your location, even if you’re promoting your eCommerce site. You’ll be more likely to cultivate trust with your audience and give them a sense of convenience. Plus, geotagged posts tend to show up higher on people’s feeds.

  1. Leverage Social Proof

    You really can’t have enough social proof for your business, especially when you’re selling online. Without being able to examine a product in-person, consumers rely heavily on reviews and other customers’ experiences to make purchase decisions. Don’t leave it up to chance: place reviews and testimonials right on your product pages, and use social proof throughout the sales funnel to make people more comfortable making a purchase. (Tip: Here’s how to optimize your eCommerce UX.)

  1. Run a Digital Rewards Program

    Local businesses have been rewarding their regular customers for years. By converting your loyalty program into a digital rewards system, you can help capture a broader audience and encourage your regular customers to shop with you online. Try running a referral program in which customers get a discount for sharing your business on social, or send discount codes through your marketing emails. In other words, think outside the punch-card and find easy ways to reward your best customers.

  1. Conclusion

    You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a fancy eCommerce platform to take your local business online. With a combination of clever marketing and locally relevant social posts, you can easily expand your customer base. Plus, consumers will be more likely to shop with you if they can easily and securely make purchases from the comfort of home (or their smartphone). Even mom-and-pop shops can go online these days, so don’t pass up an opportunity for more sales!

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