5 Tips for Creating Effective Website Calls-to-Action

Creating an effective call-to-action on your website can be the difference between success and failure for your next website project. Urging a user to buy, subscribe, or “act now” can help translate passive scanning of content into active clicks and interest. By integrating the following five tips, your site will engage your users and will encourage conversions.

  1. Verb is the Word

    Verbs, or action words, are crucial to the success of your call-to-action. The language you choose should be clear, concise, and compelling - with as few words as possible. Here’s an example: instead of telling users to “click here to buy” which is both wordy and less compelling, use language which is direct like “buy now”. The best word combinations start with a verb and create a sense of urgency, like the previous example or “subscribe today”.

  1. Location, Location, Location.

    “I know that I’m stating the obvious, but your call to action is absolutely worthless if nobody ever sees it. ”- -Entrepreneur.com

    Where you place your call-to-action is key. A user or customer has landed on your website for a reason. By placing the call-to-action somewhere accessible and highly visible, it helps your visitor know what to do next. Make it clear what action users are supposed to take and you’ll see higher conversion rates.

  1. Must Add Value

    How does your call-to-action make your user’s life better? Before you can compel someone to click, act, or respond, they need to understand what the value is. Be sure to demonstrate the need or problem that your call-to-action will be solving. Does your newsletter provide valuable insights? Make the benefits of purchasing, downloading, or subscribing clear.

  1. Focus! Use CTAs Sparingly

    Ah, the paradox of choice. Studies show that when individuals are given too many options, they frequently choose nothing. Narrow down exactly what your top priority is on your site, and provide a call-to-action to support it. It’s recommended that you use one call-to-action per page to keep users focused and to avoid “analysis paralysis”.

  1. Design for Success

    Good design can make all the difference. Try using a vibrant color for your call-to-action button. You can learn more about colors and how to use them to increase conversion by clicking here. Surround the call-to-action with ample white space. Make sure the the sizing, color and, framing of the button draw the user’s eye. Using good design practice can not only improve the overall aesthetic of your site, it can also help users find exactly what they’re looking for with ease.

    By integrating these five steps, you can begin using calls-to-action effectively, which will greatly increase your conversions.

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