Ecommerce Website Colors

Color has power. It can change the way people think about your company. It can also enhance the way people feel when using your website. Creating a beautiful ecommerce site isn’t just dependant on text and space, it’s primary source of impact is the choice of color, where it’s utilized, and how it makes the user feel. Choosing the right color palette can change visitors into customers, so it’s important to consider what you're trying to convey very carefully.

“When it comes to data visualization, color is especially important. The color scheme sets the tone of the imagery and each color serves to represent a unique piece of information.”- Hubspot

  1. Warm Tones

    Reds, yellows, and oranges tend to make evoke feelings of brightness and energy. Depending on what your product is, utilizing these colors can inspire a sense of youthfulness or fun. Deeper yellows (think gold) also signify opulence, giving a regal, refined feel to your website. Red, while the most vibrant, can also be the most stimulating. Keep in mind to use red strategically and with much consideration because it can be interpreted as a warning or sign of danger. 

    Warm palettes are great choices for businesses in:

    • Food
    • Children’s toys or clothes
    • Vacation services
    • Anything related to summertime

    “The colors you use on your website can elicit different emotional reactions from people. Years of research has proven that each color has associations with certain feelings and can create a mood.” - Codrops, Color and Emotion: What Does Each Hue Mean?

  1. Cool Tones

    Blues, greens, and purples tend to evoke feelings of peace or tranquility. When using these tones as the primary color of your palette, you’re conveying the kind of simple bliss that comes with communing with nature. Purple tones can do double duty, by both being seen as uplifting and relaxing. Green tones have recently been used to signify environmental consciousness. 

    Cool palettes would be best utilized by websites focused on:

    • Health and wellness
    • Sustainability
    • Clothings brands
    • Anything related to winter or water
  1. Neutral Tones

    Black, white, brown, and navy can all be used to evoke a number of feelings. Black can go from high-end to edgy, it demonstrates both power and boldness. White is considered clean and stark, but can also be very modern and minimalist when done right. Brown and navy are standard suit colors, both feel professional and refined. Neutral tones make excellent primary colors in your palette, and can be accented by both warm and cool colors.

    Neutral palettes convey a professional vibe first, and would be a good match for websites in:

    • Legal or medical fields
    • High-fashion
    • Photography
    • Social platforms

    Recognizing the power color has over the human subconscious is the first step to harnessing it, but integrating it successfully into a website is a work of art and strategy.

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