Intersting Blog Topics

We’ve discussed why it’s important to keep your website updated with fresh content like blogs before, and offered tips on creating and scheduling your content for maximum effect, but how do you decide what to blog about?

The answer to that question, of course, depends entirely on your industry. A good blog topic for a website about smartphones probably isn’t going to be a great topic for a website about the food industry. You need to think about who’s coming to your website and what they want to see once they’re there. 

That said, there are several general guidelines that can help anyone come up with an interesting blog topic, regardless of their industry or website’s focus.

  1. Blog About What You Know

    You company’s blogs should relate to products, services, and areas of interest related to your industry. They shouldn’t be sales pitches, but they should be relevant to your business in some way. If you’re in the tech industry then blog about tech; if you’re in the food industry then blog about food; if you’re in the petcare industry then blog about pets and animals.

    You know your business well, so write about it!

  1. Keep an Eye on Current Events

    Has there been a recent news story about something related to your field? Then go ahead and write about it. Hot topics can generate a lot of interest from people who are keeping up with the latest news and trends, so offer your two cents.

    Doing so gives you the opportunity to turn up in search results for a topic that’s likely experiencing a spike in traffic, and can introduce your brand to searchers who may be interested in the subject at hand but are not yet familiar with you.

  1. Disagree with a Prevailing Opinion

    Is there a common industry practice that you disagree with? A commonly expressed opinion you find wrong? A misconception that gets repeated? Go against the grain and explain why that prevailing opinion is wrong. Doing so can make you stand out from the crowd, as well as legitimize you as an authority on the subject in the eyes of anyone who finds your arguments convincing. 

  1. Answer a Question

    People who come to your blog, either from elsewhere on your site or through a search engine, are liable to have questions about your business or industry. That’s why they’re there after all–to learn more about what it is you do.

    Think about questions a layman who has only a passing familiarity with your business might have, and answer those questions in the form of a blog. Again, this will help draw traffic to your site while building you as an authority on the subject.

  1. Tell Your Brand’s Story...Occasionally

    People are social creatures, and because of that they like feeling a personal connection with those whom they interact with. Telling the story of how your business got started or of a recent major success with one of your existing clients can humanize your company and tie a face to the brand. 

    This will give users a better sense of who it is they’d be working with if they choose to do business with your company, and writing about your success can be a great way to build consumer confidence in your brand. Just don’t focus too much on yourself, or your entire blog section might come off less as a useful resource and more as a way for you to brag.

    The exact subjects about which you’ll be blogging will be unique to your business and industry, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t best practices for creating successful content. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be writing blogs that are inciteful and interesting for your readers

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