Fresh Content Importance

Your website is your window to the world, and if you want it to be successful then that window needs to remain open and look enticing enough for passersby to want to look in. Simply having the window is not enough to get noticed, you need to change up the window dressing regularly so that it catches new visitors’ eyes and gives old visitors a reason to come back and look around more than once. No matter what type of content you’re producing, there are plenty of reasons to regularly add fresh new pieces.

  1. Google Likes New Material

    Your content is your window dressing, and it needs to appeal both to real, live people and to search engines. It should be no surprise that Google rankings have a massive impact on web traffic, so you need to do whatever you can to improve yours.

    The more often you update your site with new pages, posts, videos, or other content, the more often a search engine’s web crawler will stop in to take a look around. Regular, quality updates give you frequent chances to improve your site’s indexing.

  1. New Content Can Help You Rank for New Keywords

    Whenever you create new, quality content, you create something that your website previously did not have. Even if it touches on topics you’ve previously covered, a slightly different take can engage audiences in new ways and use different keywords and phrase which search engines can pick up on.

    Imagine for a moment that you run a website about baking. You might want to simply write one piece on your favorite cake recipe, but you could also go the extra mile and churn out several different pages themed around different variations of the recipe instead.

    Create a blog about a white cake with vanilla frosting, then an instructional video about chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. After that you can mix it up and create two more pieces: one for white cake with chocolate frosting and one for chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

    Even if the only thing you really change between the four recipes is how much cocoa powder goes into the cake, having separate pieces of content dedicated to each variant can help you rank for different sets of keywords like “vanilla chocolate cake,” “white cake with vanilla frosting,” or “vanilla frosted
    chocolate cake.”

    Writing about your favorite cake might get that one recipe noticed, but spicing it up in this fashion gives you four chances to capitalize on specific audiences who are each looking for something just a little bit different from the rest.

  1. Updates Keep Your Audience Engaged

    New material is critically important for getting noticed by search engines, but it’s just as important for visitors who already know about you and come directly to your website rather than clicking through from a Google search.It’s really not all that different from other media platforms. Think about some of your favorite TV series—how often do you watch the same episode over and over? Probably not that often, right? Now think about when there’s a new episode out; you’re a lot more likely to tune in and pay attention to this brand new content than a rerun from of last week’s episode, aren’t you?

    Content on your website can work similarly. If your audience knows you put out regular updates, visitors are more likely to check back frequently just as they tend to tune in to new episodes of their favorite shows during the fall in greater numbers than they do for reruns during the summer.

    Simply put, fresh content gets you noticed. Whether it’s a search engine crawling the web or real live people looking for answers to their burning questions, providing regular, high quality updates will help you stand out from the crowd.

    Fresh content can get you noticed, but not if it’s of poor quality. Dotlogics can help you build the digital strategy you need to succeed!

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