When is the last time you evaluated your website? When running a small business, it's easy to let your site fall to the wayside.  This is a common mistake, as your website is crucial to your company’s success. As your products and services evolve, so should your site.

  1. Challenge #1: Out-of-Date

    The most common problem our customers bring us is an out-of-date website that was built years ago and never touched again. You may have started with a cookie-cutter template that is no longer functional for the capabilities you need now. Whether you like it or not, potential customers are very quick to judge and decide if they like your company or not based on your website. If content is out-of-date, disorganized or difficult to find, they may see this as a reflection of your business as a whole. If your site is of poor quality, this could be a sign that your products and services are poor as well. You must care for your brand's credibility and make it a priority to keep your site up-to-date.

  1. Challenge #2: Weak Branding

    One of the most impending challenges your small business will face is developing a reliable brand. Many of our clients voice that they are happy with their website, but feel their message isn't clear enough. We’ll work with you to strengthen your brand by creating unique tagline slogans, developing a brand strategy, and creating engagement through content and social media.

  1. Challenge #3: Call-to-Action MIA

    If you want more conversions, then you need clear a “Call-to-Action”  strategy throughout your website. Calls-to-action buttons like “download”, “get started” “sign up for free” are essential in guiding your customers through the buying cycle. Keep the CTA short, bright, and noticeable, so it stands and gets clicked. To increase conversions, we will help you create clear CTAs and forms, so that your audience responds instantly. More importantly, we’ll enable you to gather essential user information so that you can create buyer personas and can establish a consistent follow-up process.

  1. Challenge #4: Not Enough Traffic

    There is nothing worse than investing in an appealing website only to learn that nobody can find it.  Getting new customers in today's digital world means integrating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy into your website. Strategically place keywords throughout your site's titles, subtitles, filenames, meta descriptions, and content to increase traffic. Dotlogics will also create keyword specific content to get you noticed on search engines and to engage your visitors. Getting your customers to your website is the first step to being successful online.

  1. Challenge #5: Low Lead Conversion

    Getting traffic, but not converting? It's frustrating when you know you have amazing products/services that people are looking for, only to see potential customers come to your website and fall through the cracks. A growth-driven website uses all kinds of content strategies to capture and engage your audience. We’ll create email blasts, videos, infographics, case studies, blogs and other interactive content to ensure stronger communication and higher conversions.

  1. We’re conversion specialists and can help you overcome your website challenges. Get the conversation started by contacting us today.

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