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Certain industries provide ample, apparent opportunity to create new content on a daily basis. News organizations have a constant influx of new stories, and many ecommerce sites frequently acquire new products for which they can create new pages, but other industries can be a bit more static.

Perhaps you’re a carpenter who’s still installing door frames the same way you did twenty years ago, or an attorney whose field of expertise hasn’t really seen significant new laws passed for some time. What do you do if you don’t have that steady stream of news to blog about?

Well, just because your day-to-day business operations might seem repetitive, don’t think there isn’t opportunity for fresh content on your site. Think about what your site has, what it doesn’t, and what’s missing, then start filling in the gaps. Identify relevant content for your site, and then start creating.

  1. Write a FAQ or Guide

    Do you find yourself answering the same questions every time you meet a new client? If so, you probably have a lot of knowledge in your field that people outside of it simply don’t. Assembling a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers will give you a new page for your site and show prospective new clients that you really know your stuff. It’s a great tool to draw visitors and make conversions at the same time!

    Similarly, a How-To-Guide on a subject relevant to your business can show off both your knowledge and your ability to convey it. Returning to our carpenter example, you might know how to install that door frame, but most people wouldn’t know where to begin. Writing a guide or shooting a video of you putting in a new door will demonstrate that you know what you’re doing, and could convince any people who can’t or don’t want to do the work themselves that you’re the one for the job. If the content is good, it can also help drive referrals from visitors who have come to your website to other people who have not.

  1. Space It Out

    Has thinking about the content you could create got your creative juices flowing? That’s great! But don’t just upload everything all at once. A steady flow of new and updated content will make your site look more lively and active to both human users and the likes of Google, thus helping you SEO strategy.

    Even if you can create all that new content in a short period, you should consider putting it live on your site over a longer stretch of time. Perhaps multiple daily updates make sense for you, but it’s possible you may only need to post new material weekly or a couple times a month. Either way, it’s better not to post all your content at once and then run out of ideas.

  1. Go Above and Beyond

    Even an ecommerce site can benefit from new content that goes beyond merely updating your inventory. Sure, you might have fresh new items for sale built into the nature of your business, but you can provide other valuable content to users besides pages of what’s available for purchase.

    Try writing a blog about recent trends in your industry, or put together a shopping guide to help users discover which of your products are best for them. Doing so is not only a great way to add valuable resources to your site, it also gives you the chance to put a spotlight on some of the items you’d most
    like to push.

    Best of all, it can really differentiate you from your competitors. When you provide valuable resources like these, you give people a reason to visit your website before they think they’re ready to buy, and, since they’re already there, those visitors will have one more reason to stay and make a purchase from you. The point here is to think outside the box; original ideas that venture past your usual updates can prove quite appealing to visitors.

    Regular updates will help you stay relevant in the eyes of your audience, and be worthy of repeated looks from the likes of Google, both of which will help you to maintain and increase traffic. Show the world that your business is alive, active, and thriving!

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