3 Myths About Landing Page Design

Creating effective landing pages has been a hot topic in the field of web design. With an influx of information, comes a lot of misinformation. While there are some great resources on the internet about landing page design, there are also several myths circulating as top search results. Never fear; the conversion experts at Dotlogics are here to set the record straight.

  1. More Offers Equal More Conversions

    By creating an offer that appeals to everyone, it will help a wider audience find what they are looking for, right? Wrong. Studies show that when you give people too many choices, they often end up overwhelmed and choose nothing. Limit offers to a couple of options that show the value each.

    “Landing pages exist to serve one purpose: getting website visitors to convert to the next stage in the buying journey.” - Hubspot, 12 Great Landing page examples you'll want to copy

  1. More Calls-to-Action Mean More Engagement

    This ties into the one discussed above. Think about it - how many times can one user act on one landing page? If you overuse CTAs, it can be confusing for your users. Stick to what your priorities are, and focus your call-to-action on that. To learn more about CTA best practices, click here.

  1. Using Conversions Alone to Measure Success

    When creating landing pages for your website, the primary focus is to increase conversions. However, that is not the only measure of success.  A landing page is meant to attract visitors into your marketing funnel, so it’s just as important to gauge the traffic and engagement numbers prior to conversion, and to track what happens after users convert. Are they becoming customers? Are they viewing the entire page or just the top portion of it? Are they clicking on your CTA? Success can be determined by a combination of these metrics.

    “While these strategies can help you get more conversions from your landing page, it’s also important to remember that there’s no such thing as a universal formula for success. There’s no single template, layout, or series of design choices that is going to maximize the conversion rate for every brand in the world that uses it.” - Forbes

    When designing successful landing pages, the most import tool in your arsenal is common sense. Use your best judgment and you’ll be steering clear of these 5 myths and more.

  1. Speak to a conversion expert at Dotlogics and start collecting more leads through an effective landing page design.

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