Your website should be uniquely yours -- let’s build it together. We’ll develop a custom website that will delight your customers and grow your business.


Building your brand’s online presence is more than just building something pretty and slapping your logo on it -- We understand that your business is unique. We design custom websites that will stand out in your field. Dotlogics is an award winning web development firm that’s focused on bringing in the perfect customers for your business. We showcase your brand with a design that will delight customers and build profits using a website custom built for your needs.


Building your brand relies on great web design and development. Your brand deserves a personalized touch. At Dotlogics, we create websites that personify your business beyond how it looks -- a website that embodies your brand through its user experience, creating something delightful that’s fun to use and brings customers back for more. We identify what makes your business unique to build something that delivers value to your clients. Our personalized website designs tell your brand’s story, bringing customers along for the ride.


We offer a suite of web development services to create a personalized mobile-optimized site, allowing your customers to reach your business on any device. Your website needs to be user-friendly and easy to use across all devices, including phones and tablets. We design websites that are easy to use and easy to navigate, making sure that your customers have an amazing experience with your brand no matter what device they’re using.


We work with you to find the best content management system for your business, from options like Wordpress to Drupal. We’ll work with you to determine your exact needs so you can present content to your customers in a crisp, fresh, unique and concise way that fits your business needs. We make sure that you can share your content in a way that helps your business grow.


Sometimes a website just isn’t enough to serve your customers. We create mobile applications that work across smartphones and tablets, helping you reach your customers wherever they are. We develop amazing mobile applications that convert, so you can focus less on logistics and more on building your business. No matter what you need, we can provide it.


Our suite of web development services includes creating custom web apps. We create web applications that are faster, more advanced, and provide exactly what your business needs. We optimize them for the social web with clear calls to action.

Build for the Future

You want your business to grow -- shouldn’t your website grow alongside it? We understand the value of an efficient, scalable website and we use the latest designs and techniques to make sure your website scales with your growth. Our intuitive designs are delightful and intuitive to use, helping your business grow and keep customers coming back for more. Your new design will drive more traffic and keep customers on site for longer, growing with your business every step of the way.

Better Customer relationships
Better Customer relationships

Customer relationships are critical for any business, and our custom web designs will help you build rapport with customers. Your optimized website will engage your customers and turn them into repeat visitors. Our customer-friendly websites will speak to your customers and guide them along a journey with your business.

Meet your business goals
Meet your business goals with us

Your business needs an online presence in order to reach its goals -- make sure that you’re getting the best. Great websites delight customers and help build your brand. They’re fun and easy to use, helping you sell more products, reach a wider audience, make more money, and blow away the competition.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and we’ll help you double your business in just 90 days.


Our Process



We work with you to understand your business, your brand, your industry, and your audience. This lays the groundwork for the rest of our work together.



Next, we craft a clear vision for your website. What does it need to do? What does your audience want to see? We’ll develop more than a website: We’ll create an experience for your customers.



With the strategy clearly defined, we draw up the blueprints of your website. This includes designing the navigation structure and how the different parts of your website will connect. We also detail any new or special functionalities that will drive your success



Next, the fun part -- finding a design. We design a beautiful site that stands out from the crowd. With your business goals in mind, we create a look and feel that will drive results and build your brand identity.



Using modern techniques and careful coding, we bring your design to life in a robust, SEO-friendly website that's designed to convert visitors into customers. Our expert developers will build a site that is easy to maintain and will provide all the functionality that your business needs.

Let’s Develop Something Amazing

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