Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Highlights in this video:

In today’s video, we’ll discuss if email marketing still works. Hint: it does!

  • Keeping your customers informed with regular, personalized emails is a key way to generate repeat business.
  • Email marketing increases your brand recognition, which you can help along with promotional offers, to keep your customers engaged & coming back.
  • You want to drive visitors to your website, & email marketing is a great way to do it! You can use a well-placed call-to-action in your email to create curiosity & drive potential customers to your site for business.
  • Tracking is important to keep improving traffic. Using a tool like Sender, can help analyse how effective the CTAs are in your emails, so you can create better content & generate more response.
  • Remember to personalize your email campaigns to create a solid connection to your customers, & regular opportunities to follow up with future promotions & more sales.

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