Hottest Marketing Trends-2020

Highlights from this video:

For this video, we've put together some of the hottest trends for marketing in 2020!

  • Marketing with voice search technology. You know, when you shout out for Alexa or Siri. This is a trend that is growing, especially since we’re all home more often.
  • Omni-channel marketing-to keep your messaging consistent & engaging. Use any available platforms; Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. They all have an audience.
  • Making sure your online marketing is authentic, informative & relevant. Keeping an eye on how this relates to personal behavior, so people can really connect with what you’re saying. In other words, a big no-no is sending a mass blast to all your contacts. It just doesn't work, because it's not personally relatable.
  • Finally, the biggest trend of all is video. And, if it's a live-stream, even better, It's a way for you to be as authentic & entertaining as possible, so you can sweep up that new person you've informed or inspired!

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