Easy Tips For Boosting Conversions

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In this video, we’ll cover easy ways to boost conversions on your website

  • Your CTA, or call-to-action, is vital to boosting the conversion rates on your site. It needs to stand out, & be easy to find & respond to. Maybe change the color, or design, or placement. Just make sure it's noticeable!
  • Try A/B testing. If you've never worked with it before, you'll find it's a great tool for discovering what's working or not. An example would be Hotjar, because it's pretty user-friendly, & allows you to see what you could try to change to make your website more successful.
  • Personalize the ”contact us” page, & maybe post a survey, so you can get feedback from your customers. This will help you understand what they like or want.
  • Social proof is an excellent way to boost your conversions. People love reading reviews & testimonials. They generate confidence, which eventually translates to sales.
  • Finally, pay attention to your analytics! It doesn't matter if it's Google analytics or any other platform, it's really important to check regularly, so you'll know what's working & what needs to be updated or changed.

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