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If all your competitors have a mobile app and you don’t, you might be missing out on a golden opportunity to better connect with your customers. Today’s consumers prefer a personalized experience right in their pocket. Can you provide this for them?

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Mobile Strategy Mobile Strategy
Mobile Strategy

Your mobile app shouldn’t merely be a smaller version of your desktop site.. At Dotlogics, we’ll help you navigate the unique demands and challenges of mobile marketing.

Design and Development Design and Development
Design and Development

Mobile apps have to communicate a lot in a small space. With our expertise, we can help your brand have an engaging, results-driven mobile presence.

Push Notifications Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Most users will forget to use an app if it doesn’t offer push notifications. We’ll configure these to look great and drive results, as well as develop a strategy to boost overall engagement.

Third-Party Integrations Third-Party Integrations
Third-Party Integrations

Consumers expect their apps to work together, so we integrate third-party apps to make your app a cohesive part of your users’ digital ecosystems.

Scary Fact:

Most users will uninstall a mobile app within 30 days if they don’t find it useful.

Scary Fact
Mobile App Development

Happy Fact:

Mobile apps have 42 percent higher engagement rates than desktop sites.

Mobile App Development
A good mobile app is uncluttered, easy-to-use, and geared toward driving results. At Dotlogics, we leverage our expertise in design and development to provide you with an powerful app that your audience will enjoy using.
A mobile website is a website that has been built especially for mobile devices. Users access it via their mobile browser. A mobile app is a standalone build that is typically downloaded from an app store.
More than half of your target audience uses their mobile device as their primary means of navigating digital platforms. By reaching them wherever they are, you can boost your leads and therefore your conversions.
We develop apps for iOS and Android so that your audience can engage with your brand no matter what device they use.
A native app is built for a specific platform, while a hybrid app brings in some elements of web apps for cross-platform functionalities. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Reach out to Dotlogics if you’re not sure which type your business needs.


Having a mobile app enables you to better connect with your users by offering them a personalized experience. Whether you want to push out great content, give them the option of managing their account from mobile, or shop your online store, Dotlogics is here to help.


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