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Reiss Wholesale Hardware was missing two key elements to truly be a digital success in their field: a custom-built website for seamless content management capabilities and syncing their ERP system so that they could showcase their products.


A project was mapped out to ensure that the content management capabilities could update products, any information on the site, and post essential information regarding events and promotions. In addition, Dotlogics secured the ERP integration so that products could be properly displayed, along with correct product pricing for customers.


Now, Reiss Wholesale Hardware has a structurally sound website that is conversion-focused and provides a better customer experience, where users can place orders that directly integrate with their ERP system.


When it comes to ensuring a seamless experience both on the frontend and backend, we’ve got you covered. Reiss Wholesale Hardware was in search of key functionalities that would elevate the administration experience and directly impact their customers. We constructed a dynamic backend foundation to be utilized in Reiss’ customer-centric focus.

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Dotlogics created a sound backend to ensure a smooth experience for all of Reiss’ needs regarding updating and managing content. This allowed Reiss to upgrade their toolkit with a digital one and become experts for their own custom-built website. Including the ERP integration added to their success in providing relevant products and competitive pricing to satisfy present customers and future ones as well.

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Powerful Backend Capabilities

Dotlogics elevated Reiss's wholesale website, integrating sophisticated software with existing hardware. Our dynamic framework seamlessly blends web design, API integration, and backend development. By crafting a tailored high-speed site and implementing an intricate API system for inventory management, we ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience. Our tech craftsmen built a robust backend for a stress-free and fully shoppable online presence, harmonizing hardware and software for Reiss Wholesale Hardware.

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