This is how we designed the evocative and beautiful website Edit Feast was hungry for.

Starting from scratch, Dotlogics built out a brand new website. Edit Feast wanted a site that was content heavy with informative guides, recipes, journals, and a catalog of photos. So we took a design approach that was artistic and tech savvy. The result? A website rich with ideas and imagery made for globetrotting gourmands who love travel as much as they love food.


With foodies and world travelers in mind, we focused on high-end graphics and language to whet the appetite and appeal to the senses.

Content Strategy

Edit Feast isn’t bite sized. It’s a full meal that’s bursting with content. We wanted this site to be full of flavor so we developed a smart content strategy that could do just that.

Content Management

Content heavy websites must be dynamic and capable of quick uploads. So we built a seamless browsing experience by designing a robust content platform that could handle loads of blog posts.

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