IoT Application Development Services

Over 11 years in IoT software development

IoT software development services cover requirements engineering, architecture design, platform and user apps creation, testing, and support. We offer a wide range of IoT services that help optimize business processes and focus on giving a world-class experience to consumers.


Types of IoT Solutions We Deliver

Dotlogics delivers Internet of Things solutions of any complexity for varied use cases in 30+ industries.


  • Smart factory.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Machine monitoring.
  • Equipment monitoring.
  • Equipment management.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness tracking.
  • Condition monitoring.
  • Employee health and safety monitoring.
  • Product quality management.
oil and gas
  • Hospital asset tracking.
  • Medical staff and patient location tracking.
  • Remote patient monitoring and diagnostics via smart medical devices.
  • Smart lighting in hospitals.
  • Automated hospital climate control.
  • Smart home care (e.g., fall detection, sleep rhythm tracking, air quality monitoring).
Oil and Gas
  • Monitoring storage conditions of oil and gas.
  • Pipeline surveillance and leakage detection.
  • Remote oil & gas equipment inspection.
  • Predictive maintenance of oil & gas equipment.
  • Home/enterprise energy management.
  • Energy consumption analytics.
  • Energy forecasting.
  • Asset management.
  • Energy billing optimization.
  • Utility communication.
oil and gas
  • Smart greenhouses, farms.
  • Real-time tracking of soil, water, light, humidity, temperature conditions.
  • Analysis of crop data.
  • Predicting weather patterns.
  • Tracking supply chains of agricultural products.
  • Beacon-enabled loyalty programs for personalized in-store customer experience.
  • Smart shelves tracking product stock and scheduling replenishment.
  • Traffic control to restrict the number of in-store visitors.
  • Equipment and vehicle location tracking.
  • Real-time monitoring of construction equipment data and condition.
  • Employee health and safety tracking via wearables.

Cross-industry Internet of Things solutions

Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of products / equipment performance.
  • Early detection of problems.
  • Uncovering failure patterns.
  • Validating warranty claims.
  • Identifying warranty violations.
Supply chain management
  • Monitoring of inventory levels.
  • Automated alerting on low stock.
  • Warehouse climate control.
  • Robotic order fulfilment.
  • ATransportation climate control.
Real-time asset tracking
  • Asset location and movement tracking (both indoors and outdoors) with interactive maps and geofencing.
  • Asset tracking analytics and reporting.
Connected products
  • Smart industrial products with control apps.
  • Complex consumer products with a central monitoring system to connect smart things, control apps and user apps.
  • Simple smart consumer products like household appliances and fitness items.
Connected vehicles
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions for the transportation and storage of products sensitive to temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Monitoring drivers’ activities.
  • Transportation route planning.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Tracking supply chains of agricultural products.
  • Vehicle maintenance control.
Smart cities
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic and public parking situations.
  • Automated adjusting of street lighting based on the outside conditions.
  • Real-time tracking of public transport location.
  • Fire alert systems.
  • FCrime prevention systems.
Smart homes
  • Indoor conditions monitoring
  • Automated control over energy consumption.
  • Video surveillance via cameras and motion detectors.

IoT projects by Dotlogics

End-to-end Development of an IoT Solution for Remote Care
  • Solution with 6 apps for web, Android TV, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Dedicated REST API, chat, survey builder, and report servers on Node.js.
  • Integration with Sensor Network Appliances to collect patient health data and activities.
Development of Remote Car Management Solution
  • Direct cooperation with vehicle tracking hardware manufacturers in South Korea.
  • Scalable server on Azure Cloud.
  • Development and integration of administrative web and iOS/Android apps for remote car control.
  • Intelligent voice command interface (Google Voice Actions for Android and Siri for iOS.
IoT Application for Smart Home Control
  • Reduced energy consumption due to automated low energy consumption mode when inhabitants are away.
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to the choice of the day's most preferable prices.
  • Improved security due to the video surveillance system and automated alarms.
Truck Temperature Monitoring Solution
  • Custom module for real-time cargo condition monitoring, delivery violations alerting, and advanced reporting based on AWS Cloud.
  • Increased sales due to the innovative monitoring features.
  • Quick access to information about the condition of goods.
  • Reduced expenses associated with rejected goods.
Pet Tracker Software and Mobile Apps for Remote Tracker Management
  • An easily scalable big data solution based on Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and MongoDB.
  • Processing 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices.
  • Safe data transfer and push notifications due to Kafka Streams.
  • Storing data in an operational database on PostgreSQL RDS.
IoT App for Real-time Monitoring and Technical Control of Building Construction
  • User-friendliness due to color coding of the state of a building.
  • Integration with external systems.
  • Efficient technical control.
  • Increased security of constructions and complex engineering objects.
IoT App for Heart Rate Tracking
  • A native iOS app gathering data from different heart rate monitors (e.g., Wahoo Fitness, 60beat BLUE Heart Rate, Zephyr).
  • Quantitative assessment of a user’s physical state based on the lying-to-standing test and the Valsalva deep breathing maneuver.
  • Presenting the heart beat data as an intuitive three-colored chart.
IoT Startup Consulting
  • Preparation of IIoT PaaS architecture design documentation.
  • Creation of system requirements specification (functional, security, performance, deployment, and configuration requirements).
  • Quick and codeless building of IIoT applications due to IIoT PaaS based on open-source technologies and using cloud services like AWS and Azure.
RFID-Enabled Smart Farming App for Livestock Management
  • Integration app for a solution for dairy farms that uses RFID scanner and pidion device (palmtop) to transmit the information via Bluetooth.
  • Reduced time spent on data gathering and processing.
  • Flexibility that allows tailoring the solution to all kinds of livestock production.

IoT Architecture Design by Dotlogicss

We use a modular Internet of Things architecture that provides for fast vertical and horizontal scale-up and allows adding new functional modules or expanding the current functionality to new device models with reasonable effort. A typical architecture of an IoT solutions includes the following components:


The Scope of Internet of Things Development Services

IoT solution consulting
  • IoT solution prototyping.
  • Selection of fitting hardware (sensors, GPS tags, RFID tags (active and passive), RFID antennas, RFID readers
  • Planning of automated collecting, filtering, and analyzing data from smart devices.
  • Data security strategy planning.
  • IoT solution adoption planning.
  • IoT solution development project planning.
IoT device network creation and management
  • Selection of suitable IoT devices.
  • Configuring IoT devices and connecting them to the network.
  • IoT devices monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Dotlogics tip: Device choice can in many ways influence the project costs and the performance levels of the final IoT solution. We pay high attention to this stage and help to balance the investments and results.

Edge computing setup
  • Creating an edge infrastructure consisting of a number of edge servers placed across a network.
  • Grouping IoT devices through an edge device.
  • Setting up advanced analytics and reporting tools.
Data center implementation
  • Designing and creating a data processing environment for heterogeneous IoT data.
  • Building machine learning and data science algorithms to identify data patterns and trends that help solve specific problems in IoT-based equipment condition, operation, etc.
Development of IoT data visualization apps
  • Diversity of web and mobile apps to serve IoT visualized data insights, including VR/AR apps.
  • Multiple visualization techniques (e.g., bar, pie, funnel, connectivity charts; heat maps).
  • Tailored reports and dashboards on IoT data for different user roles (managers, data experts, etc.).
  • Customizable IoT data visualization (adding new data sources, configuring additional reports, etc.).
Development of remote control apps
  • Design of rule-based and machine-learning based remote control apps (web and mobile).
  • Remote control app configuration and integration with IoT devices.
  • Dotlogics tip: We recommend ensuring that commands from control apps are additionally analyzed in the data warehouse. It helps uncover and automatically block suspicious access to control apps.

QA and testing
  • Comprehensive verification of requirements for the IoT solution and its architecture.
  • Well-structured and well-documented code, regular code reviews, and unit testing.
  • Testing automation to increase test coverage and eliminate regression errors in the IoT solution.
IoT app management and support
  • Identifying and fixing data quality, IoT application availability, and usage issues.
  • Assessment of network, server, database, and application vulnerabilities, and addressing them.
  • IoT infrastructure compliance review.
  • Adding new functionality to IoT apps.

Pricing models for IoT Development Projects

Fixed Price

You pay the price based on time and efforts estimated at the initial cooperation stage and specified by a contract.

Best for: IoT projects with well-defined and stable requirements: feasibility study, PoC, small and short-term IoT application development projects.

Time & Material, Time & Material with a Cap

You receive the end-of-the-month invoice based on the hours or efforts reported per month (under the stated upper limit in case of T&M with a cap).

Best for: IoT projects with a changeable scope: advisory activities, agile projects, IoT evolution, large and long-term IoT projects.

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