Are your customers abandoning their cart? Is your inventory gathering dust? There are many e-commerce sites on the market. A poorly designed store won’t stand out from the crowd and could hurt your company’s reputation. A sleek, powerful online store helps you make sales.

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Growth Plan

The first step to any eCommerce redesign is to evaluate your current results and make a plan of action to grow your sales. We’ll leverage our marketing and web expertise to help you develop this roadmap.

Brand in Action

Having your brand define your site builds trust among your visitors with a consistent look, feel, and tone. Boost your brand’s authority with eCommerce design by Dotlogics.

High-Converting Product Pages

Your product pages are your hardest-working sales reps. Don’t let them be weak and ineffective. We’ll combine content and design to get your visitors excited and ready to buy.

Compelling Funnel Design

Good eCommerce sites lead visitors down the sales funnel with conversion-focused content and design. At Dotlogics, we specialize in funnel development that drives results.

User-Friendly Checkout

The number-one cause of abandoned carts is a cumbersome checkout process. We’ll help you streamline your checkout pages to ensure that your customers complete their purchases.

Scary Fact:

You have less than 10 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your site.

eCommerce Design

Happy Fact:

Authentic content with a good design helps boost consumers’ confidence, which leads to up to 2x more sales.

eCommerce Design
We create all sorts of eCommerce sites, from massive online retailers to SaaS providers! As long as you need help boosting your sales, Dotlogics is here for you.
Research shows that consumers are suspicious of sites that look unprofessional or inconsistent. They don’t want to enter their payment information if they’re uncertain. Good design that leverages your brand identity helps boost consumer confidence — and therefore sales.
We’ll use your brand’s look and feel, logo, tagline, and other key elements in the design, but that’s just the start of it. We also use your brand’s core values and offering to shape your eCommerce strategy and optimize your conversions.
Yes, we specialize in mobile-friendly design! More than half of consumers are on their mobile device, so we ensure that your eCommerce site looks good no matter how your customers visit it.
Absolutely. We’re here to help with all your web development needs, and we’ll make sure that your eCommerce site is set up properly to maximize your sales.


Your eCommerce site will perform better with a design that’s geared toward helping customers easily find information and make purchases. Let’s get started with making your powerful online store.


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