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If you told me I had 24 hours to create a successful business, I would begin with a landing page. Your landing page usually offers a place to give a quick summary of your products/services, includes a call to action, and has a brief form to help move visitors through the marketing funnel. The primary focus of landing pages is, you guessed it, to drive conversions. But what does it mean when your landing page isn’t driving conversions? Better yet, how can you get your primary conversion machine repaired and running in tip-top shape?

Landing pages are a fundamental -- and undeniable -- part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. - Hubspot

  1. Too Much Text/ Not Enough Graphics

    Only Hamlet was obsessed with words, words, words. In today’s digital age, attention spans are roughly the length of a microsecond. If you’re covering your landing page in wordy descriptions, you’re missing the mark. Text and visuals should be balanced, impactful, and to the point.

  1. Your Landing Pages Aren’t Targeted Enough

    If you only have one landing page, you’re missing an opportunity. Construct your landing pages to be targeted to a specific audience. It should feel tailor-made to excite and engage the visitors it reaches. And, you should have more than one. Not everyone is motivated by the same language, imagery, or call to action. Diversify your landing pages to increase conversions overall.

  1. Your Content Is Not Sharable

    If your visitors really like you (and if you’ve targeted your landing pages, they should) they will probably want to share your content. If you don’t have options to share to social media, you’re missing a valuable opportunity for free circulation. Plus, if people are sharing your content, they’ve probably got friends in your target audience. Don’t lose this chance to broaden your reach.

  1. Your Forms Are Failing You

    Forms are like Goldilocks’ porridge. They need to be just right.  If your forms are too short, you can miss important information. If they’re too long, visitors can get bored or distracted and fail to complete them. Find a happy medium, A/B test what works, and stick to it. Since forms are such a crucial part of the conversion process, you can click here to get tips on creating effective forms.

    Integrate these tips to make your landing pages well-oiled, high-conversion powerhouses. Find what works for your website, create targeted landing pages, and get your visitors into that marketing funnel.

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