Low Coversion Rate Reason

You’ve finally launched your custom ecommerce website design. You’ve got great products in your inventory and you’re ready to start selling them to customers...except you don’t have any customers yet. For some reason, people aren’t making purchases on your site. There can be many factors as to why this is, but often, professional website design plays the biggest role in determining the success of your ecommerce site. Here are some of the more common reasons why your site isn’t attracting customers.

  1. Users Can’t Find Your Site

    SEO is an integral part of the design of any website. If users can’t find your ecommerce site, they’ll certainly never make a purchase. Make sure you follow all SEO best practices, with informative, engaging content as well as all mechanical considerations such as relevant URLs, meta descriptions, alt tags,
    and headlines.

  1. Slow Loading Times

    In the age of fast wireless internet and instant gratification, slow loading times can be the deathstroke for online businesses. Sites built with clunky lines of unnecessary or poorly written code can take forever to render on a user’s screen, causing them to navigate away from your site. Ensuring that everything runs as efficiently as possible is critical to the success of your business. Professional web design services from a quality web agency can help optimize the performance of your site and your business.

  1. Subpar User Interface

    Is your ecommerce site filled with dense blocks of text? Are you making use of images and other visual calls-to-action? Can users find what they’re looking for when navigating through your site? All of these contribute to the user experience and influence whether or not a user will make a purchase.

  1. No Mobile Optimization

    Nowadays most of your customers will visit your website on their phones. Designing your site for all screen sizes is crucial to retaining the majority of your customers. Make sure your site’s design is responsive and easy to use both on all devices. Otherwise you’ll miss out on monetizing mobile users. Working with a responsive website design company ensures your mobile users enjoy a great user experience on any device.

  1. Too Many Distractions

    Is your site too crowded? Is the page filled with popups and banner offers and advertisements? These can all deter your user from using your ecommerce site. Design your funnel to be smooth and easy to navigate so that customers can find the products or services they’re looking for and make their purchases without hassle.

    While we can’t make your products or offer your services for you, Dotlogics can develop your custom website design for your ecommerce site to be highly visible and high-performing. Check out our gallery of past ecommerce site designs for ideas on your next project.

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