Who Needs a Landing Page?

What’s a landing page? If you don’t know, then you’re right where you need to be… and even if you do know, we bet we’ve still got some tips you don’t know about, but you need. 

A landing page is a hyper-specialized type of webpage, with one and only one goal: to convert. They come in all kinds of varieties, for all kinds of products, goods, and services, but conversion is the key factor — like the Force, or duct tape, it binds the galaxy of landing pages together. Approach your landing pages with this one target in mind, and everything else you’re about to learn about them will make total sense. 

Landing pages are a solution to a common problem: users are getting distracted or lost on your website, when all you really want them to do is to take one action (in marketing parlance, to convert!). That action can be as varied as the product or service you’re promoting, of course: some landing pages exist to gather contact information from your visitors, some exist to zip them right to the product page and incentivize a purchase then and there, and tons more abound. 

So what’s the secret? Glad you asked! Here are our top tips for creating high-converting landing pages, no matter what action you want to prompt.

  1. Keep it simple!

    You want your users to do one thing on this landing page, so don’t clutter it up with extraneous elements that will pull visitors away from your target goal. You’ll want to have one and only one CTA on the page — any more will muddle matters. Make sure it’s prominent and appealingly designed (of course!).  

    In fact, there’s a strong case to be made for keeping your landing pages disconnected from the website’s main navigation altogether. At first that sounds paradoxical — ‘How will users find the page?’ we hear you ask — but in truth, no landing page exists in a vacuum: You’ll be purposely directing users to that page, and they can come from a variety of sources: social media ads, email newsletters, or anywhere else you want to place the landing page link.

  1. Make your copy super strong.

    It’s not enough just to have a landing page up with any old content — not if you want it to convert, that is. Your writing and language choices matter just as much as your design, so keep everything on point and consistent. And make sure that the copy you’re using to direct people to your landing pages matches what they’ll see when they reach the page, or users might get confused: Don’t create a disconnect.

    One of the greatest features of landing pages, in our humble opinion, is that they allow you to segment your audience and easily A/B test different elements tailored to different audiences. Because you have such granular control over who gets to see your landing pages, you’ll be able to see really clearly what does and doesn’t resonate. Make sure you’re taking advantage of that feature and periodically optimizing your design and content both for the best possible results.

  1. Make it your own!

    Once you’ve created a few landing pages, you’ll feel more comfortable with the process. Then it’s time to focus on how you want your content to flow and lead users to your CTA, and we love this part because there are endless variations — if you can dream it, someone has created a landing page for it. 

    When you’re ready, you can begin adding some more complex elements to your landing pages. We think you can’t go wrong if you make the landing page more interactive: we’ve seen all kinds of ways to do this, but one possibility involves incorporating something like a chatbot or a short quiz that will lead users to the CTA in a way that’s fun and incentivizes participation. Don’t forget, the longer a user stays on your landing page, the more likely they are to buy — and giving them something engaging to do on the page increases the chance they’ll click that shiny CTA, once they reach it. 

    I hope you’re excited to get out there and start creating some crazy, fun, amazing landing pages of your own. If you still need some help, though, we’re only a click away

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