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As the pandemic continues in the U.S., many brick-and-mortar businesses are reopening with new rules and restrictions. Others have transitioned into online operations or pivoted in their industry. With reopening comes a set of new demands that businesses must accommodate. It’s crucial to your business’s success that you move forward with a strong strategy and a nimble approach.

  1. How to adjust to the rules of reopening

    Depending on your location, you might be subject to limited hours, mask requirements, or social distancing guidelines. Whether you’ve already implemented these practices or are planning to do so, it’s important to encourage trust among your customers. They are less likely to adhere to policies and procedures that are deployed inconsistently or ambiguously, and you should also make sure that you fully communicate the new rules to your customers. Post the guidelines on your website, social media, and throughout your store. You want to ensure that everyone has access to the information.

  1. How to inspire customer confidence

    People are probably not going to want to spend a lot of money, but they want to know that they can count on your business when they are ready to make a purchase. If you’re a service provider, consider offering a free trial or discounted services for subscribers. You could offer a reward system or loyalty program to show your customers that you’re interested in helping them save money. Whichever model you choose, make sure that your marketing materials aren’t being too sales-y. You want to instill a sense of appreciation among your customers rather than demanding their money.

  1. Why it's important to be service-oriented now

    Good customer service plays a large role in whether or not businesses are able to build a loyal customer base. These days, consumers expect highly personalized solutions to their problems, and during the pandemic, that expectation increases. Prioritizing your customer service is a worthwhile investment in your business’s success. Your customers want to feel like their needs are being met and that they can count on your business. As mentioned above, they’re not necessarily looking to spend a lot of money, but rather want to build a lasting relationship with a brand. Make sure they choose your brand by offering excellent customer service.

  1. Wrapping Up

    Reopening requires more than resuming normal operations. In fact, that might not be possible. Take the time to develop a strategy that encompasses any new guidelines as well as your customers’ shifted priorities. You’ll want to strike a balance between building your cash flow back up and investing in customer acquisition. That might mean marketing and brand-building more than pushing sales, especially as things remain uncertain. As you reopen, listen to your customers’ needs and be flexible. Your ultimate goal should be for them to feel heard and supported so that they’ll continue to patronize your business.

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