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When developing a custom website design, the PHP programming language offers a myriad of options suited to just about every kind of project imaginable. It’s incredibly well-documented and enjoys a large developer community, making it ideal for projects that need custom work. It’s the backbone behind popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Some projects are too complicated for a standard CMS and require robust frameworks that allow for further customization. PHP is equally well-suited to projects like this as it offers many great frameworks that allow for powerful and dynamic web projects. Top web design companies are well-versed in many frameworks to better serve their customer’s needs. Here are some of our favorites at Dotlogics.

  1. Laravel

    Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in use today. It’s a favorite among many PHP developers because of its comprehensive documentation and rapid application deployment, making it a great choice for custom projects. It also offers very strong encryption, making it a strong candidate for custom web projects that require user privacy and data protection. Finally, it integrates well with multiple database structures, making it easy to build scalable projects.

  1. Phalcon

    If your project requires speed, Phalcon is the way to go. While PHP is historically known to be the fastest available programming language, Phalcon gets around this by operating as a web server extension written Zephir and C, which increases execution speeds, reduces demand on resources, and increases the number HTTP requests that can be handled. Together, this makes Phalcon easy to deploy while drastically reducing overhead costs. This also makes Phalcon well suited for developing RESTful APIs and web applications.

  1. Symfony

    Symfony delivers a highly-stable and incredibly well documented framework that’s ideal for building complex, modular projects; Drupal, one of the most popular PHP-based content management systems available, is built with Symfony, as is Joomla and Magento, a platform favored by ecommerce companies. It’s also a choice of some big brands such as the BBC and National Geographic.

  1. Zend Framework

    When it’s large enterprise solutions you need, Zend Framework is the right choice. It’s built with scalability, extensibility, and security all in mind. Being a favorite for enterprise solutions, it offers tons of out of the box solutions for authentication and encryption. Though it’s not ideal for fast deployment, it integrates flawlessly with other PHP packages designed to make development smoother.

  1. Dotlogics is accomplished in all of these frameworks as well as many others. We’re a New York website design company that offers a full suite of website design services.Got questions on which framework is right for your project? Contact us today.

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