Launching a SaaS app is a time-consuming and strenuous process, requiring hours of development and problem solving to create products and services that the world has never known. But building the app is only the first half of the battle to succeeding in the SaaS industry; once your app is live and available online, you have to make it discoverable by potential users. Just like with any other custom website design project, SEO plays an important factor in the success of your SaaS, with a few key differences that are important to note.

  1. Keywords have to be more specific

    For the best results, most traditional website limit their target keywords to about one to five different search terms. Depending on the services offered by your company, a SaaS application can include many more keywords pertaining to different features or sources used. Narrowing the keywords is vital to creating a successful SaaS application that performs well in search engine result pages. By identifying the keywords that you wish to rank for, you can better develop content that will strengthen your SaaS application's web presence (don’t forget to optimize all your mechanical considerations, such as meta descriptions and title containing keywords that relate to each page’s content).

  1. Optimize your app for mobile traffic

    Most traffic to your app will be coming from mobile users on smartphones and tablets. Optimizing a mobile experience that will look good on smaller screens without losing any of your app’s functionality is crucial to the success of your SaaS business. Google’s new Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) project penalizes websites and apps that aren’t optimized for mobile, burying them in search engine results. In order to rise through the ranks and get the organic search traffic needed for success, you app has to be designed with mobile users in mind by offering them a responsive website design service.

  1. Focus on visual SEO elements

    Original visual content is becoming increasingly important for improving search page rankings; pages with visual elements now outranks pages containing only text. While this may seem like another daunting consideration, it’s actually good news. Including visual elements in your app improves your user experience and creates more opportunities for your users to share content from your app, creating a positive feedback loop as more users traffic your app and share links to it within their networks.

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