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These days, the bulk of your customers regularly browse social media. They’re accustomed to seeing a mix of personal and business content, which means that your social media posts should blend into this mix. To make sales through this content, you must strike a balance between heavy advertising and brand-building. Here’s how to leverage your social media to boost sales.

  1. Promoted Posts

    While advertising on social media platforms can be very effective, users tend to quickly identify those ads and potentially tune them out. Your audience prefers to see organic content. Unfortunately, only about 10 percent of your followers will see your posts — and even fewer non-followers will see it.

    That’s why boosting, aka sponsoring, posts is a great strategy. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Reddit, you can extend the reach of a post for a small fee. These posts blend seamlessly into users’ feeds, making them much more likely to make an impact. Use sponsored posts to promote certain products or services, and be sure to include a link so that users can quickly make a purchase.

  1. Bio Links

    Your business’s social media bio is a small but extremely valuable piece of real estate. Many marketers keep this basic, with a brief description of their business and a link to their business’s website. This is a huge mistake. Users not only look at the bio to see if they’d like to follow your brand, but they also tend to click on the “bio link” — if it seems interesting. A generic website won’t draw as much interest as a specific link that ties into the content you’ve been posting.

    Leverage your bio link as a way to boost sales by sending traffic to a targeted landing page. It’s a good idea to develop a landing page exclusively for this purpose, using a tool such as Linktree. The key is to set your customer on their buying journey with a post, then direct them to your bio link to take the
    next step.

  1. Group Marketing

    There’s more to Facebook and LinkedIn than the feed. A decent percentage of the activity on these platforms take place in groups, where members have topical discussions and share links. People in themed groups relevant to your industry are primed to take action on your content. If you’re not in these groups, you’re missing out.

    You can join existing groups or create your own. Either way, focus on building a strong community first. You want members to feel like they have access to valuable information and special content before you start promoting your products. Wait until they’re highly engaged, then drop pre-sales or exclusive offers in the group to reward the members. This tactic is highly effective because your audience is
    primed to buy.

    If you’re still getting your feet wet on social media, take some time to build a community around your brand. Use promoted posts to expand your audience and ensure that your most important content reaches your current followers. Then, direct people toward targeted links and content with your bio link. Finally, bring them all together in a Facebook or LinkedIn group that’s geared toward your target audience’s interests. These three aspects of a social media strategy will help boost your sales — without ever having to take out an ad.

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