Tik Tok Videos In Your Marketing Plan

Previously known as musical.ly, Tik Tok is an app launched in 2017 that first touted the virality of short-form music videos. It garnered great support from tweens and Gen Zers which has sensationalized its potential effect on marketing plans worldwide. The site doesn’t silo it’s content to just music with their top ten rankings of videos most watched include topics such as beauty & style, sports highlights, and creator trends. More importantly, the platform boasts 500 million active users per month making it the 9th largest social media app used by digital audiences today. To compare how that ranks to other sites’ traction, according to oberlo.com it took Instagram six years from its launch to gain the same amount of monthly active users that TikTok managed to achieve in under three years. And for Facebook to hit the same monthly active users mark, it took nearly over four years. So for those reasons and more, if your brand’s target audience includes audiences aged 7-22, Tik Tok provides a platform to gain mass brand visibility, discoverability, and consumer interests from engaged audiences worldwide.

  1. Create a channel and focus on your brand’s ‘human’ qualities.

    The whole reason TikTok resonates as much as it does with a younger demographic is that the nature of the content produced constantly engages the user’s sensory emotions. Their ability to sing, laugh, see and hear things they enjoy gets them excited to surf through the platform, looking for new posts to have a look at. The first thing any advertiser should do is create a branded Tik Tok channel and produce content that’s directly connected to YOUR business type. Let’s say you’re a travel brand and you’re looking to attract the 18-22 demographic who are the eternal wanderlust seekers and world adventurers. Showing video snippets of scenic landscapes, cliff jumping and snorkeling in the depths of underwater caves is exactly what you’ll need to get your audiences’ interests peaked but also engaged by using music tracks that match the type of travel escape you’re seeking to promote. Seeing it is believing it, but feeling it, well that gets us every time. To take it one step further, audiences love authentic unedited videos. Have existing travelers, send in their GoPro videos, iPhone shots and more to show true authenticity in your channel’s content, since this is what has drawn millions to the platform around the globe.

    Tik Tok Videos In Your Marketing Plan

    Source: medium.com

  1. Influencer strategies work here too.

    From Baby Ariel to Lauren Godwin, Tik Tok influencers have amassed extremely large followings organically making them a viable component of any marketing campaign’s planning considerations. Their footprint is so extensive many of them have earned Teen’s Choice Awards and other accolades with brands clamoring for their attention in being represented. Take for example Cash Baker. Cash is 16 years old with a following of 13 million+ followers mostly from posting lip-syncing videos, videos with him and his family and just being a typical teenager. This has led to his career as an aspiring artist in which he shares the screen sometimes with his brother and endorsements with brands such as Adidas, Tillys
    and Taco Bell.

    Tik Tok Videos In Your Marketing Plan

    Source: www.vice.com

  1. Connect your content to lifestyle behaviors

    With Tik Tok demographic being on the younger side, the audience makes a great play for educational institutions like colleges and international schools to really showcase themselves to a wider network of potentially interested prospects but that’s just the beginning. With Gen Z taking more autonomy in how they buy products and tell their parents what they need, brands connected to any part of their daily routine can make a ‘pitch’ to Tik Tok audiences to be taken seriously. That can be anything from showing try-on videos for athleisure wear to promoting a dance challenge (like Chipotle did with their #GuacDanceChallege). Gen Z is considered both entrepreneurial and tech-savvy so bear in mind that they don’t like to feel like they’re being pitched to. Finding authentic channels of user-generated content, whether that’s live testimonials, events or just how-to videos that get straight to the point, Tik Tok is a platform where brand authenticity is welcomed and where faked, will be ignored.

  1. Stay updated on Tik Tok’s newsroom updates

    Tik Tok’s newsroom web page provides the latest updates to the platform so that creators can be the first to know when a new tool or feature is available to test out. One of the latest (and coolest) functions to be rolled out is the green screen video. For the first time ever on any mobile video platform, users are able to shoot over videos playing in the background. Users can trim up to 60 seconds of a select video from their phone's video album. This product update was influenced by the fact that the TikTok green screen feature was used in over 54 million productions and led to the latest update which is being well received in the past month. Dynamic creative experiences like these can really add to your brand’s ability to be seen as relevant and ‘human’ in being able to connect your product’s value to the audience’s human emotions through different video experiences, sounds, and impressions.

    Video marketing is constantly changing the impact storytelling can have on both a brand and personal digital persona. That being said, platforms like Tik Tok, Youtube, and Vimeo is making it more and more accessible for brands to share their most authentic stories with audiences who are most interested in hearing them and that we believe, is an organic opportunity to really amplify brand visibility and discoverability using a combination of effective digital marketing, video production, and great data-driven content strategies.

    Can’t seem to figure out how to incorporate hi-quality videos on your website or looking to start your own Tik Tok brand channel? We’re here waiting to support the growth of your brand.

    Tik Tok Videos In Your Marketing Plan

    Source: www.youtube.com

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