Ecommerce conversion funnel

The ecommerce conversion funnel is something that every ecommerce business uses, but very few people understand in depth. In short, the conversion funnel is how you get visitors to your website and move them through it, taking the best action each step along the way to convert viewers to leads, and eventually to purchasers.

Moving guests through the funnel is easy, if you know how to do it.  Follow the steps below to increase your conversions in no time.

  1. Attract Traffic

    To start moving people through your ecommerce funnel, you first need to get them to your website.  As the first step of developing this strategy, you need to understand your customers. Create buyer personas to determine the type of visitor you’re targeting. Depending on who your target audience is and what their end goal should be, use effective marketing campaigns to deliver quality traffic to your website. Think carefully and do your research, this step can make or break your business.

  1. Engage Users

    When visitors do land on your website, they’re usually not ready to convert immediately. To effectively move visitors through the ecommerce funnel, you have to engage your users. Create a website that hosts a blog, give visitors the chance to subscribe to your newsletter, and show the value of your services and perspective.

    As a business in the ecommerce space, you have the added advantage of being able to talk about your products and prices. Add the option for customers to review the items you sell and display those reviews prominently. Run sales and make sure those discounts are clearly marked and advertised on appropriate pages. You may even want to incorporate a Q&A section into your product pages so consumers considering particular items can ask questions about them and get the answers they need before deciding on a purchase.

  1. Explain the Benefit

    Desire for your product or service will ultimately drive your conversions. The best way to help inspire desire is to show the need for, or explain the benefit of what you’re selling. Why should anyone buy what you’re selling? Explain what makes your business and your product special, and why it’s a good choice for your prospective buyers.

    So think about it, why should someone choose to do business with you? Do you offer free or inexpensive shipping? Do you have a free return policy or money-back guarantee? Are your products far superior to the competition’s? Do you provide exceptional customer care? Whatever sets you apart from your competitors, make your visitors aware of it.

  1. Make Conversion Easy

    When your users are ready to convert, don’t get in their way! Make the purchasing process quick to complete, and employ tactics such as pop-ups and warning messages to limit the number of users who abandon their carts. Once a sale has been made, delight your customers to keep them coming
    back for more.

    Remember, each ecommerce sales funnel will look different. Your products, website, and customers are all unique, and will need a process that is tailor made for them. Create meaningful goals, entice and engage your users, and create an ecommerce sales funnel that’s right for you.

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