by Jenna S

How to Determine if Your Website is Mobile Optimized

Here’s the thing: Your Website Needs to be Mobile-Optimized

So this begs the question: How do I know if my website is
mobile optimized?

The answer?

Ask Google. 

No seriously, Google has some killer tools to help you know.

  1. Step 1: Use Google’s Mobile Site Speed Tool

    Go to this link to Google’s Mobile Site Speed Tool. 

    Pop in your website’s URL and hit the return key.

    Within a few moments the tool will give you a result.

    And if it is something like this….

    Then you need to optimize your site. Scroll down and you can download a handy dandy report that with give you advice on how to improve.

    But that’s not all folks.

    Because Google has ANOTHER tool that gives even more advice.

  1. Step 2: Use Google’s Developer Tool to Analyze Your Website

    Now follow this link to Google’s Developer tool.

    Pop in your website’s URL and click the Analyze button.

    And wait for the results to return.

    If you results are yellow or red...

    Then your website isn’t mobile optimized.

  1. Step 3: Talk with Someone about the Results

    We highly recommend that you run the results by a web developer or web designer before you get too sad. Sometimes these tools can be overzealous.

  1. Don’t have one you can talk to? Book a free consult with us and we’d be happy to check your site’s mobile-readiness.

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