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When selling products or services online, it’s not enough anymore to have an ecommerce site and expect the sales to start rolling in. Today’s users have thousands upon millions of choices on where to spend their money on the internet, and in order to get your piece of that revenue, your ecommerce site has to stand head and shoulders above the competition with beautiful and engaging design. Here are three tips for a custom ecommerce website design site that will drive sales and retain customers.

  1. Say More With Less

    Online customers are deterred by big blocks of ugly text. In order to keep your users engaged, it’s essential to make use of easy-to-read copy paired with images that speak to your product or services. Big, colorful images that express the feeling or emotion you want associated with your business can significantly decrease user bounce rate and increase the number of conversions. If you’re selling physical products on your site, make sure to include multiple images of each of your products that users can zoom in on. Product videos are another great option for engaging users without text. The more visual you make your custom website design, the more likely you are to retain and convert users.

    Product Video
  1. Keep It Simple

    A complex site with too many features will only confuse users and drive them away. A streamlined user experience that funnels customers to make a purchase increases sales and decreases dropoff. Make your calls to action prominent and easy to find so that users interact with your site as you intend them to. Avoid including advertisements, banner offers, and excessive popups. This makes your website look spammy and discourages users from navigating your site. A clean and simple professional website design will keep your customers engaged and lead them to a sale.

    Easy navigations
  1. Make It Functional

    Never sacrifice functionality for design. Your ecommerce website design should be as beautiful and engaging as it is easy-to-use. Make use of buttons and quantity dropdown menus where permissible so that users can easily add products and services to their cart. Offer your users a secured form of payment and a simple checkout process; if you make it too complicated or too confusing, users will be unlikely to give their payment information. Provide support either with a FAQs page or contact options like live chat so that customers with questions can find the answers they’re looking for.

    Make It Functional

    Need more ideas for how to build your ecommerce site? Check out Dotlogics’ portfolio of website designs to find inspiration.

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