Curbside Pickup

Many businesses are looking for ways to continue serving customers while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Some are open for business but only for delivery. Others are transitioning to eCommerce. However, there’s one retail trend that’s particularly well-suited to current business needs: curbside pickup.

Retail giants such as Target have been offering curbside pickup for some time. In this system, customers can place orders online, then simply drive up to a store to collect their purchases. Now, this practice has become a great way to minimize the number of shoppers in a store. Plus, it offers convenience to the customer — which is always a great selling point!

Want to add curbside pickup to your business? Here’s how:

  1. Set Up Online Ordering

    If you’ve already been making your products available online, you might already have a shared inventory system with your brick-and-mortar store. Otherwise, you’ll need to implement a way for your online ordering platform to accommodate in-store inventory. Customers appreciate the ability to see what is in-stock and place orders accordingly.

  1. Add Pickup to Your eCommerce Site

    The flip side of offering online orders for in-store inventory is making sure that your online store offers BOPIS — buy online, pickup in-store. Many consumers want instant gratification from the comfort of their homes. Consider adding a curbside pickup option to your online store so that nearby customers are encouraged to swing by your brick-and-mortar location.

  1. Streamline Your Payment Portal

    To boost your sales, make it easy for people to place orders. Curbside pickup tends to attract customers who are on mobile devices, so keep the ordering process simple and efficient. Then, set it up so that your in-store workers are immediately notified and can fulfill the order quickly.

  1. Make It Easier for Customers to Find Products

    One major advantage of selling online is that you can easily upsell customers. Try recommending complementary products to them and including a “What Others Bought” section. Especially when people are filling up their shopping list for curbside pickup, it’s a good idea to tap into their sense of urgency to encourage impulse buys.

  1. Wrapping Up

    Implementing curbside pickup for your business requires coordination of your online and brick-and-mortar presences. The good news is that once this is done, you should enjoy a boost in sales as well as adherence to social distancing guidelines. Remember to make the ordering and pickup process as easy as possible for consumers. For example, you could offer a one-tap buy option like Amazon does, then send text updates to the customer.

  1. Curbside pickup is a great and timely way to boost your business. For expert assistance with incorporating it into your current business, reach out to Dotlogics. We’re here to help.

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