How Social Listening is Fueling Food and Beverage Brands' Success

Studies show that at least 76% of consumers are more likely to continue to support brands when they feel valued. Data trends also show that even more consumers are willing to spend more on your company's offerings or recommend them to their family and friends if you make them feel appreciated.

If you're curious about how to best turn social listening into an expansion or retention of your food and beverage brand's customer base and consequential sales growth, you can do the following:

  1. Social Listening Goes Beyond Your Brand's Social Media Presence

    Many food and beverage companies make the mistake of simply being on the lookout for what their existing customers say on their social media pages about their brand. Company representatives must focus on more than that, though.

    Some of the most successful food and beverage utilize social listening programs that allow them to identify and assess what others are saying about their employees, company/brand, products or services from a single digital dashboard.

    Social listening software is effective in allowing brands to track any mention of them anywhere online. This real-time insight is protecting food and beverage companies' reputations and instituting shifts in marketing initiatives.

  1. Social Listening Increases Response Times

    As mentioned earlier, food and beverage companies who engage in social listening gain real-time insight into what others are saying about their brand. This is critical since studies show that only 22% of companies respond to mentions within an hour of their posting. While 50% provide responses within five hours, it's much longer for industry players. Why does this matter?

    The breadth of platforms where consumers may be discussing a company is vast. Many companies may not have the means to hire someone to manually keep track of everything that's being said or know how to start doing so. Even fewer may know that software platforms exist for tracking social media posts to ensure a timely response. Software like this may allow a member of your company's marketing team to more quickly identify and respond to customers as one of their many work tasks without having a dedicated employee in place to do so manually.

    Companies that provide their customers with timely engagement appear to enjoy the most success. Maintaining a competitive edge over others in the market doesn't just involve keeping track of engagement with your customers but also keeping tabs on what your competition is doing. For example, do you know how quick they are in responding to their customers and what efforts they employ when engaging with them?

    Our talented development team here at Dotlogics can help you build a social listening program or develop any other technology necessary to help you streamline your business processes and increase your sales. We'd love to discuss what you believe some of your company's impediments to growth are so that we can recommend options to put them in the rearview mirror. Schedule a discovery call with us today!

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