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Dotlogics is currently showcased as a leading New York Web Design Company on Clutch. Clutch is a B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm in DC that identifies leading IT and Marketing
agencies and solutions.

Cluch has reviewed hundreds of web design and web development agencies based on their previous work, market presence, PR/online presence, and, most importantly, client reviews. Clutch analysts spoke with our clients to get firsthand feedback on Dotlogics and our work. We were really humbled to read what they had to say about us!

One of our clients, the Director of US Basics Apparel, said:

“Dotlogics is excellent. They were also very detail-oriented. They knew their work very well, and whatever scope we provided, they were always actively engaged and making sure that we were satisfied with the work that was being done… Dotlogics' reliability, attentiveness to detail, and project management are outstanding. They are very proactive. Once they take on a project, they are really leading it, and they are engaging in terms of to meet our goals that we've set for them. Overall, it was a great experience for us.”

 When asked about what distinguished us from out competition, the Owner of a Hospitality Management Company we’ve worked
with stated:

“I've worked with many companies. It's difficult finding a company that can do everything for you. In the past, I was having to work with multiple agencies, so Dotlogics was able to take over and manage things
much better.

The project manager assigned to us deserves applause, too. He's done a good job with us throughout the process. He's organized and on top of his game – usually two steps ahead.”

  1. We’re very proud to be featured on Clutch, which highlights our focus on delivering great products and client satisfaction. Check out our Clutch profile to learn more about their methodology and read 6 full-length interviews with our clients.

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