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Hi there. Today we are going to be talking about marketing. Or, more specifically, how you can start improving your marketing efforts right now if you aren’t seeing the ROI you want.

Let’s get right into it.

  1. Stay Consistent

    One of the biggest marketing trends you should be aware of for 2021 is what is called “omnichannel marketing.”

    In short, omnichannel marketing comes down to one thing: yup, you guessed it, consistency. Across all platforms and mediums, is your client getting a consistent experience? If not, it’s time to tighten that up.

    Look at your social media: if someone visits your Twitter page, then visits your Instagram page, are they going to be thrown off? Do they see the same colors and content tone? Can they find the same items by going through Twitter and Instagram? If not, you are leaving money on the table.

    Say someone sees a new item in a tweet, and it sticks with them. It’s absolutely something they would like to buy, but maybe they are waiting for payday. When they look for it in two days on your Instagram, if they can’t find it, they won’t search. They’ll just click away.

    Or think about it another way: you have great email campaigns. Your drip campaigns have incredible rates of success, and it always boosts sales. But your ad spend is tiny and your Facebook ads don’t even have your company name in it. If someone read your email and it put your business in their mind, but they scrolled right by your Facebook ad without a second thought, something isn’t adding up.

    Make your best efforts across the board. From ads to social media to email campaigns. And speaking of email…

  1. Chase Abandoned Carts

    Time for some scary facts. The average abandoned cart rate across all industries is almost 70%. And that rate gets even higher if we are talking mobile customers, where the number is around 85%. That comes out to about $18 billion a year in lost revenue across the board.

    That is an insane amount of money. How do you fix that problem? There are a lot of ways, but let’s focus on one: retargeting ads.

    These are ads that target consumers who visited your website previously. And given the statistics I just said, it is most likely someone who left a cart behind. When this ad pops up in their Instagram feed or inbox, they should see a few things: their name and the item.

    Have your subject line use their name in a friendly way. “Hey, Lisa, did you forget something?” Or include an image of the item they were looking for in their Instagram. This is a proven route for success. Kenshoo says that retargeting ads can lift engagement rates 400%, and they consistently perform much higher than generic or static ads.

    The truth is, if someone went as far to add something to their cart, they were ready to purchase, but something got in their way. Get whatever that is out of their way.

  1. Stay Relevant

    So you launched your website and implemented your perfect marketing strategy. Time to just sit back and watch the dollars roll in, right? Not quite.

    Renowned digital marketing agency Uhuru Network put it best when they called a marketing plan a “Living Document.” This is a fancy way of saying that your marketing strategy should be changing and growing with your business.

    Just because something worked initially doesn’t mean it will work forever. Don’t get me wrong, it’s true when they say “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” When something is working, you need to take advantage of that. Just be prepared for the future.

    How can you do that? There are a few things to keep in mind when you are working on marketing, but here is the big one:make decisions based on data. It sounds pointless to say, but a lot of people don’t consider it when they are making marketing decisions. You don’t need to guess what your customers want, they’re telling you every time they visit your website, whether they make a purchase or not.

    Where are they coming from? Which ads or backlinks are working? Maybe it’s SEO that is driving your traffic. And one strategy that is working today could drop off completely in six months. Watch those trends so you can see these things coming.

    Then take a look at your bounce rate and clicks. Where are people going on your website? Is your favorite category falling well behind the others? Maybe it’s time to take your favorite out of the running, or move it to a different spot on your homepage. Like I said, the data is all right in front of you. Put it to good use in your marketing.


    And that’s my breakdown. Your marketing plan is directly related to your ROI, so naturally, the better your marketing is, the better your ROI will be, and vice versa. Taking advantage of the strategies I spoke about here could help you kick your marketing game into high gear.

    That’s all for today, but if you want more advice on marketing in today’s world, talk to our marketing masters here at Dotlogics by clicking the link below.
    I’ll see you here next time!

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