Content Design Strategies

Want an e-commerce site that drives sales? There’s more to it than having a secure website and easy payment process — although those are important too! Your e-commerce site should strike a perfect balance of compelling content and user-friendly design. When you have that combination, visitors are more likely to trust your site and become customers.

Plus, certain design elements and copywriting can pique your leads’ interest and drive up your conversion rate. When developing your e-commerce site, work closely with your design and content teams to create an immersive user experience that drives sales. Here’s how:

  1. Use High-Res Images

    Few things are more off-putting to web users than low-resolution images. While many consumers are on their phones, those smartphones usually have high-definition screens — and plenty of consumers are viewing your site on their large laptop or desktop screens as well. Invest in professional portraits of your products or of people receiving your services. When possible, avoid stock images (or choose ones that look natural and relatable, rather than shiny and fake). The right image can make a big difference in whether or not your product page is high-converting.

  1. Offer a Search Bar

    Most consumers want to get what they’re looking for and move on with their day. If you force them to figure out your navigation scheme to find their product, they’ll likely leave — and take their business to someone who has a search bar on their site. Work with your designer to get a search bar that’s easy to find and use. You’ll likely see a boost in sales as more users find exactly what they’re looking for.

  1. Keep White Space

    A cluttered design not only looks unprofessional, but also can make it harder for users to parse the information on your page. That can harm your conversion rate because users are more likely to get frustrated and leave. Instead, keep lots of white space on every page, from your product listings to individual product pages to your checkout portal. White space helps draw the reader’s idea to the content on the page and reduces distractions, thereby encouraging visitors to complete a purchase.

  1. Liven Up Your Product Descriptions

    You could have the best photos and web design in the world, but ultimately, visitors still want to know that they’re getting good bang for their buck. That’s where the product description comes in. Instead of listing out a bunch of boring specs or features, focus on the benefits that your product will provide to customers. Tell a story about how your offering will solve your customers’ problems. A product description that gets the reader excited is 10 times more effective than one that simply describes
    the product.

  1. Wrapping Up

    Ultimately, your content and design work together to convert your website visitors from leads into customers. When designing your e-commerce site, think about what would make the design user-friendly. Focus on writing copy that answers the customers’ questions and gets them excited about your products. Then, tie it all together in a cohesive package, and make it easy and secure for customers to check out. This three-point strategy will help boost your sales beyond your expectations.

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