When is the last time you evaluated your website? With a fast growing business, it’s easy to let your site fall to the wayside. But as your product and services evolve, so should your site. Watch this animated video to learn about website challenges and solutions for your small business.

  1. Challenge #1: Out-of-Date

    The most common problem our customers bring us is an old website. Your business grows, but your site stays stagnant. You may have started with a cookie cutter template that is no longer functional for the capabilities you need now.

    We can help you freshen up your look to match your developing needs. An innovative, modern site that is responsive on all devices will impress your audience.

  1. Challenge #2: Weak Branding

    One of the most impending challenges your small business will face is developing a reliable brand. Many of our clients voice that they are happy enough with their website, but feel their message isn’t
    clear enough.

    We’ll work with you to strengthen your brand through unique tagline slogans, logos, and social
    media integration.

  1. Challenge #3: Call to Action MIA

    If you want more conversions, then you need clear Call to Action (CTA) buttons throughout your website. A CTA helps the user to understand what it is you want them to do (i.e. download, sign up, contact, etc. ). Keep the CTA short, bright, and big, so it pops out on the page and gets more clicks.

    To increase conversions, we’ll help you create clear CTAs and forms, so your audience responds instantly. More importantly, we’ll enable you to gather essential user information so that you can create buyer personas and a consistent follow-up process.

  1. Challenge #4: Not Enough Traffic

    There is nothing worse than investing in an appealing website only to learn that nobody can find it. Getting new customers in today’s digital world means integrating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy into your website. Strategically place keywords throughout your site’s titles, subtitles, file names, meta descriptions, and content to increase traffic.

    Our team is SEO qualified to help your customers find your site before your competitors and increase time spent learning about your product.

  1. Challenge #5: Poor Content Management System

    Creating content on your computer and emailing it is as ancient as flip phones in the digital world.
    It may be fine for existing customers, but to get new leads, you’ll want content to be visible on
    your website.

    A content management system (CMS) is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. We’ll build a CMS that will blow your socks off so you can customize and share content instantly with your customers.

  1. Challenge #6: Low Lead Conversion

    Getting leads, but not converting? It’s frustrating when you know you have an amazing product that people are searching for, only to see potential customers fall through the cracks.

    Newer websites use all kinds of media to capture audience attention, including videos, infographics, and custom images. We’ll add stronger communication tools and functionality to improve the user experience and convert more leads.


    Dotlogics believes that the user comes first. We hope the video of website challenges and solutions for your small business inspires you to improve your website. We’d love to be the ones that help you to get there! Contact us today to start your project.

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