Social Media Marketing Tools

Running and managing social media marketing campaigns is one of the most important but time-consuming aspects of digital marketing, but there are ways to make the job easier for your brand or business.

Check out these six social media tools and ways to make the most
of them!

  1. Buffer Publish

    A time-saving social media scheduling tool, Buffer Publish puts all your social media accounts in a central place with a simple, easy-to-use tool.

    Why Use It: The ability to log-in once and manage everything, including scheduling and sharing posts, and analyzing performance.

    Tips: Since your audience on each social media platform has different expectations when it comes to content, create unique posts and stick to what works best on each site: Video on Facebook, GIFs and trending topics on Twitter, Rich imagery on Instagram and infographics and product photos on Pinterest.

    Platforms It Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn

    Alternatives: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, HubSpot, Everypost

    Buffer Publish

  1. Buffer Reply

    A social media monitoring and engagement tool, Buffer Reply gives you the ability to engage with your customers and followers from a single inbox.

    Why Use It: You can quickly engage with public mentions and target keywords, and also reply to Twitter and Facebook messages, as well as Facebook reviews.
    Platforms It Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    Tips: When engaging customers and followers, instead of replying with a simple "Thank you for your interest!" consider asking a question that shows you're not sending a generic response, like "We really appreciate you getting in touch. What about of our (topic) did you find most useful or interesting?" Authentic engagement sparks conversations that build relationships.

    Alternatives: Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Brand24

  1. SumAll

    This social media management and analytics reporting tool lets you connect to all your account and gather data and insights from each one, sending you daily and/or weekly reports of your post activity, audience size, engagement and reach.

    Why Use It: Analytical reports are automatically sent and include ecommerce data like orders, items sold, and sales revenue, in addition to social media metrics

    Tips: Use this cross-platform marketing analytics tool to monitor metrics in one place and save time by scheduling posts upfront. If you're an ecommerce site, SumAll is also compatible with Square, Lightspeed, ShopKeep, Clover, Revel and others.

    Platforms It Supports: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Company Pages and Shopify

    Alternatives: Social Report, Socialbakers and quintly

  1. Nuzzel

    Providing social media digests of posts from people you follow, Nuzzel is a valuable time saver when managing multiple social networking accounts that reduces the number of times you have
    to visit platforms.

    Why Use It: The Nuzzel app connects with social media to pull top posts and stories to give you daily updates from a select group of accounts you follow (people, brands, etc.)

    Platforms It Supports: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

    Tips: Use Nuzzel to find subject and place communities, to put together a private list of everyone a competitor follows, to create a feed to monitor industry news and key players, and to push specialized content with their custom newsletter feature.

    Alternatives: Stack, Flipboard and Refind

  1. BuzzSumo

    An efficient tracker of your content's social media share, BuzzSumo gives you a comprehensive picture of how your content spreads across the socialsphere.

    Why Use It: It's a quick, easy way to get the share count of each top article or post on your website, along with aggregated data from social media platforms.

    Tips: Key in your website's main URL for the total picture. Use it to do topic searches, get sharing stats, determine which platforms perform best with certain content, see who is sharing what, locate influencers and enhance your authority by finding places that allow guests posts and content sharing.

    Which Platforms It Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn

    Alternatives: PostReach, Shared Count, Bitly

  1. BuzzSumo Monitoring

    A specialty social share alert interface, BuzzSumo Monitoring provides notifications when you or your posted content go viral.

    Why Use It: The tool tracks and monitors shares on multiple social accounts, identifying mentions and emailing you whenever your name or brand shows up in highly-shared articles or blog posts.

    Tips: Use this feature to set up alerts for your company or brand, your fiercest competitors, relevant keywords, influential authors, popular domains and backlink tracking.

    Platforms It Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn


    The six useful tools with free up valuable time and provide you with ability to gain important insights to take you social media marketing campaigns to the next level.

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