May 28, 2017

5 Wordpress Plugins To Increase Conversions

Written byRobby Schlesinger
Image of drawing pastels embossed with the Wordpress logo.

If you have wasted precious time trying to optimize your Wordpress website, you are not alone. Finding plugins on Wordpress can be difficult, frustrating, or downright time consuming. That’s why the WordPress experts at Dotlogics are here to help. We’ve found 5 great Wordpress plugins to help you increase conversions, and save time.

This is the holy grail of Wordpress plugins. Unbounce is unrivaled for content expertise, and they’ve wrapped all of that knowledge into a plugin that helps create, manage, and test effective landing pages quickly and without the hassle.

The PopupAlly plugin is slick. Utilizing this tool can help anyone create professional looking sign-up forms quickly, without any prior knowledge of code. It’s compatible with most email platforms, to make integration easy, and has excellent technical support, for when using the plugin feels hard.

Although InboundNow offers a number of plugins to hack your Wordpress marketing woes, their “call-to-action” option is especially easy to use. It provides a number of customizable templates, that can be primed to merge flawlessly with your existing website.

Ask anyone who knows SEO on Wordpress, and they’ll tell you to use Yoast. This plugin helps you craft the very best meta descriptions, prompts you to integrate the correct keywords, and checks for optimized content. This plugin should be a priority because good SEO helps attract new business.

The best way to know if your website is designed to maximize conversions? A/B test it with Optimizely. This Wordpress plugin has an easy to understand dashboard, and allows you to test headlines, buttons, and design features - all without logging in to your Wordpress account. When trying to increase conversions on your Wordpress website, using plugins can cut your build time in half. And as you know, time is money.