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There’s a whole lot that goes into making a sale. You need to establish your businesses, build your website, market your site and products, attract visitors, and convert visitors into buyers. Ultimately, all of your efforts should aim to further your goal of selling products or services through your eCommerce site, but don’t think that your work is finished once a lead converts into a customer.

Sure, making that sale is a sign all your efforts have paid off, but there’s still more opportunity to be had. Perhaps your new customer would be interested in another one of your services or products, or maybe he’ll want to buy the same product he just purchased again some time in the future. Either way, there’s a chance that who is now a one-time buyer could turn into a repeat customer if you play
your cards right.

This makes your website’s Thank You page critically important. Sure, a simple “thank you” message after each sale is courteous; however, if you make proper use of the page you can sow the seeds for future sales even as you finalize a transaction.

Here are five tips for ways to improve your ecommerce site’s
Thank You page:

  1. Recommend Related Products

    Your customer is clearly willing to buy products from you; in fact, he had to do just that to see your Thank You page in the first place. Use this opportunity to show off other items that may also
    interest him.

    Do you have products that compliment each other? What about items other customers have bought at the same time? Recommend products that pair well with the one your customer just purchased or may otherwise be of interest to him and you might just get another sale before the customer even leaves your website.

  1. Get Referrals Through Social Media

    This trick is more likely to get you new leads than repeat customers, but it’s a handy tactic either way. Add social sharing pages to your Thank You page so that your buyers can show off their
    recent purchases.

    Anyone who’s eager to share their purchase with their friends could very well want to talk about the product, so you’re setting yourself up for two chances to market. The act of sharing the item on social media will draw attention, and the curiosity it shares could generate word-of-mouth recommendations when your customer starts talking to his friends about it. 

  1. Link to Helpful Content

    As you’ve probably learned by now, not every marketing effort is about trying to directly push any one product or service. Sometimes you need to build the value of your brand through other means, like creating useful guides, tutorial videos, or blog posts.

    Take a look at what you’re selling and identify any resources you have that will help the people who buy it. Doing this will show the customer that your website is more than just a point of sale, and give him a reason to come back to you even when he’s not quite ready to make another purchase. This allows you to build and nurture your relationship, and when the customer is ready to buy again he’ll likely be thinking of the website that’s been helping him since his last purchase.

  1. Offer Sales and Discounts

    People like feeling like they’re getting a good deal, so add a little extra value to their next item by offering a discount after their initial purchase. This gives the customer some positive reinforcement for choosing to buy from you, as well as an incentive to come back and purchase whatever item or service you’re offering a discount on. Brick and mortar retailers like grocers and drug stores have been employing this strategy for years–printing out coupons at checkout and attaching them to the customer’s receipt–and they do it because it works.

    If you can tie your discount offers to products that are related to the on your customer just bought, this strategy will be all the more effective. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve gone back to buy a second pint of Ben and Jerry’s at the grocery store after the cashier handed me a coupon for it.

    Helpful Content
  1. Stay In Touch

    Your customer may be completing a sale, but that doesn’t mean he wants it to be the end of your relationship. Provide an opportunity for him to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media. This will give you a chance to market to him directly in the future, and also help build
    brand loyalty.

    Your Thank You page is more than a chance to be nice, it’s a chance to build a relationship and market to people who have already proven interested in your ecommerce site. Make the most of the opportunity and give your customers a reason to come back for more!

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