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Every quarter there’s a certain anxiety that comes with kicking those sales targets over the quota line. We’ve compiled a few ‘faux-holidays’ and awareness events you can build mission-based or just social, fun content programming to get your Q1 ROI on track.


    • Self-Care is the Best Care! Gyms, Spas, and Health & Wellness Bars! Use the holiday of love to promote self-care as well as friendship wellness goals. From offering special coupons through apps such as Groupon and ClassPass to limited-time rewards on your website or app for a full day of pampering, you can attract millennials and baby boomers alike, to try your services for the first time, or use the holiday as an excuse to treat themselves to some self-love.
    • Friday Netflix & Chill: With Valentine’s Day being on a Friday this year, it’s a great occasion to promote food delivery if you're a restaurant or food truck! Come up with a special menu of aphrodisiac foods to add some fun to your marketing emails OR just ample incentive through first-time order discounts or dessert freebies for orders over a certain amount.
    • Subscription Love: Whether you’re a beauty brand with a great eCommerce experience or a SaaS product built for team project management, you can use the friendship tones of this holiday to promote one time discounts so office colleagues can get access to your product with an incentive such as a free month of product trials or complimentary lunch with a booked demo.
    Valentine's day marketing campaign

    This event is perfect for launching marketing campaigns ideal for:

    • Medical institutions
    • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
    • Medical Spas
    • Health Bars & Gyms
    • Pharmacies
    • Groceries
    • Health-conscious Food Restaurants

    Just to note a few! Use email marketing campaigns, website pop-up forms, and even in-store marketing signage to draw attention to promotions associated with:

    • Medical check-ups to check your heart’s health
    • Booking your annual doctor visit
    • Medical spa treatments to get you relaxed
    • Gym programs such as personal training to get your body in shape
    • Checking your blood pressure
    • Specials on ‘heart-happy’ foods
    • Healthy prepared meals and meal-kit plans

    Take calendar opportunities likes these to focus on specific product/service differentiators of your customer experience so the market can see what truly makes you different to audiences near and far.

    Heart Disease Awareness

    February is Black History Month and presents an ideal event to showcase ‘champions’ in your organization who make a difference to the business’s success. You can use your website and social media channels to raise awareness of your company’s internal policies that promote diversity and take the time to also remind the market of black leader who has contributed to your industry’s success.

    Black History Month



    Presidents Day is fast on the heels of Valentine’s day this year being on the 17th of February, providing long weekend relief from the self-induced chocolate and candy coma we expect to be in. With major retailers offering as much as 70% off on CPG goods, it’s a great time to join the promotion frenzy and use dynamic website functionality to push site visitors further down the sales funnel. So how do you create an engaging marketing campaign for the last non-denominational ‘holiday’ till Mother’s Day? Here are a few digital marketing tools that make well for getting more traffic to your social and digital channels for this long weekend. They include:

    • Use banner images, custom landing pages, and pop-up forms to get users aware of special holiday promotions you currently have running.
    • Use your website’s chatbot (if you have one) to ask questions related to new products and offer up your Presidents Day discount.
    • Whether you’re more fond of Google or Facebook/Instagram ad products, use dynamic visual images to promote your best-selling products against search keywords such as ‘Presidents Day Sale’ or if you’re in the business of more experience-based services such as travel use long-tail phrases like ‘long-week travel experiences’ to take advantage of seasonally high search traffic.
    Presidents Day



    While Mardi Gras is most specific to the state of Louisiana, it’s a celebratory event that’s popular with just about everyone in the U.S. Falling on February 25th this year. It’s not just a day but rather 12 days preceding the climactic event so be sure to incorporate special offers, fun promotions and engaging incentives to get people in the spirit. E.g. You can place specials on colorful retail products, give discounts to walk-in customers who wear a mask or beads or even just use a connected hashtag to feature clients shopping within that period.

    Mardi Gras


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