5 Tech Trends That Have Changed the Food and Beverage Industry in 2022

As a food and beverage vendor, you don't need anyone reminding you just how much the industry has changed in just the past few short years.

For example, there was a departure from in-person dining for a spell, which led to an uptick in the use of online ordering apps. Food and beverage companies have also experienced supply chain operations, which has required brands to better communicate with their customers about how this may impact their ability to provide the products and services they've grown accustomed to using.

Food and beverage companies that have faced obstacles during the past few years have found that technology has been their saving grace. Some of the most effective technology trends that industry players have implemented that have been well-received by consumers in recent years (and continue to be the most effective now in 2022) include:

  1. Table Reservation Apps

    Limited seating was a concern that plagued many craft breweries, tapas bars, and fine dining establishments long before the Covid-19 crisis started. Social distancing mandates only complicated matters. Restaurant or bar-going consumers have found it increasingly challenging to get into popular hotspots, which has led to an uptick in these establishments offering table reservation apps. Even national chains have tapped into this trend in recent years, which has led to the implementation of jump-the-line online waitlists.

  1. QR Codes

    An increasing number of restaurants have also stepped up their use of QR codes in recent years. Some jurisdictions have instituted COVID vaccine tracking using a QR-based app which restaurants can scan if local ordinances require customers to be vaccinated before entering their business. Additionally, QR codes have been increasingly used by food and beverage brands for improved engagement, such as:

    • Making it easier to connect with them via social media
    • Viewing their menus in this contactless era
    • Learning more about their brand story using interactive content
    • Soliciting emails for promotional efforts
    • Enrolling customers in rewards problem
  1. Online Pick-Up and Delivery Ordering Apps

    As you're well aware, the coronavirus pandemic required many both food and beverage manufacturers and hospitality industry establishments, such as restaurants and bars, to limit in-person operations. This led to increased take-out and an uptick in the use of food delivery platforms.

    Many consumers have continued to embrace this technology-assisted ordering trend. Statistics show that the pandemic was largely responsible for as much as $150 billion in global growth within the food delivery sector in the past five years. It's more imperative than ever that you're keeping up with technological trends, such as having a high-functioning mobile app, to ensure that your food and beverage company remains competitive.

    Automated Inventory Management Systems

    Supply chain issues and related production and transportation cost and food shortage concerns have made it more important than ever to perform inventory management. An increasing number of companies in the food and beverage industry have taken it upon themselves to implement the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other similarly-focused software platforms to ensure better supply chain management/inventory success, sales forecasting, and enhanced sales.

  1. Digital Menu Boards

    Many customer-facing food and beverage companies, faced with fluctuating food availability and cost concerns, have increasingly opted to present their latest menu offerings on digital menu boards.

    These have been instrumental in replacing paper menus and bridging the technological gap when customers don't have access to the latest phones for reviewing menus. These digital menu boards can also be adapted to reflect ever-changing pricing, seasonal or promotional themes, and other changes in the foodservice landscape.

    There's no shortage of technology that our Dotlogic development team can build and or integrate into expanding your food and beverage company's operations. If this pandemic has shown us anything, the opportunities are endless.

    Let's chat about how you'd like to integrate technology in forwarding your company's branding and reach. We'll show you solutions that can help you grow your company's profits faster than you ever imagined.

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