5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using WordPress For Your Next Website

If you’re looking into redesigning your current website or want to build a new one entirely, you should give some consideration to developing it using the WordPress platform. WordPress launched in 2003 and has become one of the most popular content management systems available today. WordPress provides an easy-to-use backend, making the setup process quick and easy for those who have no technical background. Here are a few reasons why WordPress leads the CMS world:

  1. It’s FREE

    Thats right, it costs you nothing. So what's the catch?  While free doesn't always equate to quality, WordPress has proven its worth over time. Since it is such a popular tool, there is a wealth of resources and support to be found online should you run into any trouble. Its also already mobile friendly, which is hugely important to Google. As more and more people are using their phones to browse online, this is a major selling point.

  1. It’s search engine friendly

    This is huge. You have heard the phrase “Content is King” right? That's because search engines love content - like, really love it. WordPress sites are structured to make it easy for search engines to find their way around your website. WordPress also provides a long list of SEO planning and tracking tools to get your website noticed on search engines.

  1. User-Friendly

    For someone with little to no experience in this space, it can feel overwhelming to even consider navigating your website's backend. You will be amazed to find how straightforward administration is when using WordPress. You can easily publish articles and change content without wanting to pull your hair out. This also makes it easier to train new employees or editors that join your team along the way.

  1. It has amazing customization tools

    WordPress is a fully operational content management system that provides an easy-to-use template and the flexibility to change things up as you go. Right off the bat, WordPress gives you the ability to preview drafts, publish content, track website performance and fully manage your website. There are no add-ons required to begin, and there is no shortage of add-ons available to you should you choose to utilize them. With developers regularly releasing new functionalities, products, and plug-ins, the options are truly endless. While you may not be an experienced web developer, customizing your Wordpress website to fit your business needs is doable even for the most novice user.

  1. Support is just around the corner

    Have a question about setting up your WordPress site?  The internet is your oyster. Since this is such a popular platform, there is no shortage of online support should you run into any problems. From user chat rooms and forums to WordPress developers, there is a variety of resources out there to lend support.

    So why choose WordPress? 

    With over ten years in the game, they are no stranger to efficiency and ease. Wordpress is free, easy-to-use, SEO friendly, customizable, and allows you to easily engage with your customer base. Between these essential features and the endless list of plugins and themes, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish using this platform. So really, the better question to ask would be, why not?

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