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Imagine you’re in the middle of a forest. All of the trees are too dense to see the sun, and you don’t have a map, frame of reference, or any clue how to get out. How do you feel?

This is what it’s like for a user to try to find their way around a website without clear navigation. Needless to say, the experience for this user is dismal. That’s why it’s especially important to optimize your website’s navigation. Feel free to integrate the options below, because well planned navigation is like giving someone a compass to navigate your site with ease.

  1. Use Search to Encourage Sales

    When a potential customer comes to your website, they generally already know what they’re looking for. By integrating a seamless search bar on your landing page, you’re helping visitors get to exactly where they want to go. One pro-tip, keep the design of the search bar simple and uncomplicated, to make sure the function of the search feature doesn’t get lost in translation.

  1. Group Info By Target Audience

    Does your website have multiple functions? Perhaps you sell hardware to both wholesale buyers and direct to consumers. Try using separate menus that clearly delineate what type of information
    you’re providing.

  1. Arrange the Dropdown Menu Strategically

    We’ll be releasing another blog solely on information hierarchy, but it’s important to think about the way you structure your information when optimizing your website’s navigation. When designing your dropdown menus, place the most important information towards the top.

  1. Keep Language Simple

    When giving pages titles, keep the language simple. It may be tempting to spice up your content by infusing it with branding tone and slang; don’t do it. This can add to confusion for your users and will make your pages harder to search.

  1. Utilize Your Footer

    Help users find what they’re looking for by giving them shortcuts to your frequently accessed pages. Utilizing the footer space on your website can be a great hack without adding additional information in your dropdown menus.
    By integrating these tips, you’ll improve your website’s user experience and help increase your conversions.

  1. Still not sure how to integrate these tips to optimize your website’s navigate? Don’t feel lost in the woods! Contact Dotlogics to learn more.

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