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From getting your garden ready with fresh daffodils or sprucing up your closet to replace some of those winter layers with spring dresses, the coming months are full of consumer demand opportunities to get your brand’s growth goals on track with the right promotion, using the right data to inform your creative and media mix.


    web traffic for dresses is 16% higher in the spring than in the summer. In late April, traffic increases even more as high schoolers around the country prep for graduation parties and proms.

    If you’re in the online retailer space and dresses are a part of your product line, March is a great month to kick off everything from a drip nurturing email campaign showcasing different styles, colors, and prints to using Instagram’s shopping feature to promote sales, discounts, and rewards natively on the social media platform.


    Traffic surges during spring break. In fact, it goes up a remarkable 61% during spring break week.

    With the onset of Spring, there’s a sense of renewal that motivates homeowners to start paying attention to getting their gardens, driveways and landscaped areas in order for the new year. If you’re a landscaper, garden shop or commercial hardware, Google My Business is a great marketing tool for promoting online shopping spring sales as well as garden and lawn sales at your brick and mortar location. Use the insights panel of the GMB portal to see how many people found your business via a direct search or through another search keyword phrase in addition to the volume of website clicks, no.of requests for directions for your location and no. of calls to your business.


    Source: calloways.com


    Spend approx. $5.9 billion to fete in 2019 for St. Patrick’s Day, according to the annual survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. The figure marks the highest level in the survey’s 14-year history, up from 2017's record of $5.3 billion.

    While most think of ‘the luck of the Irish’ when they hear St. Patricks’ Day, this annual event is a perfect opportunity to sell online any ‘green’ product or service which includes landscaping, retail goods to eco-friendly dry cleaning. For in-store sales, local restaurants can also create a themed beverage or food dish and encourage new visitors to come in to take an Insta-worthy snap! Don’t forget to use the respective hashtags to maximize the target audience reach

  1. U.S. ADULTS

    A total of 84 percent of U.S. adults were expected to celebrate Mother’s Day in honor of their mothers and other women in their lives in 2019 with sales estimated to have been 25 billion.

    While jewelry still remains a top contender as the preferred gift for Mother’s Day, newer trends include special outings and gift cards with considerable sales growth noted, in addition to more traditional gifts including flowers, greeting cards, and jewelry. Increased spending on jewelry represents 31 percent of the expected increase over last year.

  1. 50% INCREASE

    In 2018, the week of Tax Day saw a 50% increase in tax software traffic over the prior month. This one week represents 18% of all spring pageview traffic in the tax software category.

    Tax Day comes but once a year (maybe that’s a good thing!), but with that brings a surge in traffic for online businesses such as HR Block and TurboTax. If your business falls into the category of professional services that can help filers expedite their filing times, this event is perfect for launching a spring marketing campaign to boost your discoverability during this quarter.

    Dotlogics Infographic showing 3 Marketing insights to get your Spring Campaigns blooming.

    Can’t seem to figure out how to leverage seasonal events to optimize your marketing success We’re here waiting to support the growth of your brand with conversations on email marketing, social media analytics and what we absolutely love the most, figuring out custom solutions to bring more traffic and qualified leads to your website.

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