5 Advantages of a Custom Website

With today’s tools, it’s easier than ever to download a design template and launch “your own” website with minimal to no coding experience required. Despite this, there’s no substitute for the value that custom website design developed by a professional website design agency adds to your business or brand. With more choices than ever now available online to your customers, it is essential to have a beautifully designed website that’s all your own to draw users in and keep them engaged. Here are five advantages of having a custom website.

  1. Strengthened Branding

    With a custom website, you have full control of the look and feel of your user’s experience, reinforcing your website’s connection with your business or brand. Having a unique design is critical to connecting with your customers and creating an online experience that they’ll want to revisit again
    and again.

    Advantages of Custom Website
  1. Improved Customization

    You can have full control of the placement and position of color palettes and custom graphics rather than fighting to make the narrow options of a template design work for you. Having a custom website means complete access to the source code instead of just the parts allowed to you with a
    downloadable template.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

    Even a site developed by the best web design company won’t do you any good if your users can’t find it. Being able to optimize the search engine visibility of your website is crucial to attracting and retaining customers. With a custom website, you can leverage all SEO best practices to increase your pagerank.

  1. Flexible Design

    As your business grows, your website needs to be able to grow along with it. A custom website allows you to add new online features over time to better support new products, services, and offers. Top web design companies design sites that can expand as needed. Need to add a new landing page with a different look and feel than the rest of your site? No problem! A custom site gives you the kind of design flexibility you can never hope to get with templates.

    Advantages of Custom Website
  1. Decreased Long-Term Costs

    Website templates date themselves very quickly, and it won’t be long until that design that once seemed so cutting edge and perfect from your brand seems passe, invariably leading to additional money spent on redesigning your website in the future. With a custom website, you can make changes to it overtime for a fraction of the costs of developing and designing a new site.

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